The English VO sucks. When are we getting the JP VO?

Admit it, there’s no shame in doing so. 99% of the English VO sucks and doesn’t even say what’s written on the subtitles, with some cases like in South Vern, where it completely breaks the story with a can/can’t mistake between the storyline and the VO . Personally I use the Kr VO in EU/NA and Ru VO in Ru(It’s really good) but… The JP VO is on a whole new level. I was sure for almost my entire life that I was a straight male but after hearing Kharmine’s Jp VO, I’m beginning to question that. Amazon, please add this VO asap. After watching this, I checked out some more info on it with some LA JP vids and it’s just so good all around. You can listen here from 8:32 - 10:20.

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