The EUC Life on a cheeky Monday




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Damn, which server?

After 5 hours of queue started at 14k at 15hrs CET

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Was 16k like 30 mins ago

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Best part about it this lesson should have been learned after the utter failure of the new world launch.

people who have purchased the game and brought packages, should get a full refund in the EU for them taking your money but FAILING completely to give even a mediocre service let alone an adequate/good service

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I’m at 7.7k in the queue on Thirain. Was 14k almost 2 hours ago.

With all the info about the servers and where ppl would go it’s really on you that you picked an overloaded server. And dont say “i didnt know”. :slight_smile:

Kadan </3

i was 13k at 15 cet now i quit the queue cause i was 9k, after 2h, i have 3-4 h / day to play last week i was able to play 2 or more so i choose to stop playing this game is fun game idk is a pay to win idk all i know is not worth to waste my playing time on a wallpaper with a boat…gl and have fun

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EUW didn’t exist when I started and since its my first MMO I also didn’t know/expect the servers are bad. I did make an EUW character but I like to check in on EUC sometimes… and this is always the result

Just be happy about it. In Game its not much better.



Its cute when people refuse to blame AGS for again failing a launch.

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It’s cute that ppl blame a company that did expect 200k players but got 1.3 mil instead. Give them a break, they are obviously working to try to fix it for all of us!

They had 1.3m pre-sales. Do the math for yourself.


Thirain 16:50 On a freaking Monday!!!

So they failed to learn from New World. But yes do not blame them for having no ability to learn or understand. They get no break from me for not learning and not doing enough, for the second game in a row. They dont do this out of the goodness of their heart. Its a business to make money. Stop acting like its some damn little company that got blindsided. Amazon does not need white knights.


Whaaat?! They sold over half a million founders packs, so they knew it’s gonna be double, at least… Just wow.


i cant even join the server que - if you open the game, it tells you that the servers are completly full and it closes the game…

No they had 350k till the last day then it skyrocketed to 1.5mil…