The event raid over tune with t3 character?

just got in an event and spent 20 minutes and only got a boss to 47% and 17% in 20 minutes, we had 2 t3 characters. look at the percentage we did with 20-minute non-stop attacking…

  1. Go in solo
  2. Break Nacrasena’s Tail
  3. ???
  4. Profit

lamo will do haha

Don’t know if it’s important, but one person in the group I was with said not to focus the scorpion and we proceeded to finish the raid easily.

Especially at the end when you have all those buffs.

92m crit was nutty.

you don’t seem to understand the mechanics of this copy, you need to find a special boss of the three bosses, fight it, then he will drop the Ether Ball, after eating the Ether Ball, your whole team will increase the damage, about 3-4 minutes to pass.

Tip: Today’s special boss is the scorpion.


Have a better time now? Curious if you find it easier now knowing that.

Imagine not knowing how to break nacresenas tail in T3.

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Seeing the amount of people in T3 that keeps reseting Moake

after you break tail 3 times it’s fine to kill the scorpion they don’t stack beyond 3.

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