The Explorer Starter Pack where?

We know how frustrating this is and are granting an Explorer Starter Pack to all impacted users that can be used on any character going forward, as we believe many players are now playing with new or alternate characters. The grant will occur on February 17 at 11:59AM PT (7:59PM UTC), and is able to be claimed any time, on any server, in any region, of the player’s choice.

I’ve been playing since morning and I still can’t get it

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Deleted because I failed myself ^^

He’s not talking about the launch celebration pack. he’s asking about the explorer pack bonus for people affected by the msq bug on Galatur server. You’re scolding him on his reading comprehension for no reason, and making the same exact mistake as you’re outlining.

For me, i received the Galatur explorer pack after i restarted my game client about 10 mins after it was supposed to have dropped. Then again, there are also people posting on the Galatur thread that they didn’t receive a pack at all, so it may be worth following up with the support on the forums here and with Amazon CS (yea we all know they probably won’t be helpful)

This post below is outlined a little better for reading compared to what @Feimurgan posted.
Player Grants: Launch Week Recap - Official News - Lost Ark Forums (

The OP is actually referring to the special Galatur explorer packs, which are separate from the things you listed. See my screenshot below, I guess you also, are wasting bytes on the forums.

It -might- seem like -you- are the one with reading and comprehension issues… but I’ll leave that open to interpretation.

The Galatur packs are listed as being granted February 17th as per the screenshot below.

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Reminder clearly needed.

It’s possible to respond and not be a jerk about it.


Corrected myself right away XD

About being a jerk: asking Roxx for the 100th time is being a jerk, too. And no one cares and still asks the same questions over and over again even after it was already answered multiple times. Not specifically pointing at this question, tho.