The fact that my account is considered to be on the same level as some random bot account for the purposes of 20 daily sale limit is insulting

Well guess spending thousands hours and/or dollars and clearing the latest raid means jack shit to AGS. But I guess it’s only fair that there is no VIP system, so that our new mokoko sorc Xvcbnfk is on the same playing field as me, am I right? /s

To give an example how the 20 limit affected me recently - I wanted to buy an accessory for my main, but was lacking gold. I had full lv 7 gem setup on an alt that I don’t enjoy playing as much anymore. So I thought I could just sell the gems, buy the accessory while it’s still there and later rebuy the gems if I decide to play the alt again. Wasn’t keeping track of how many items I posted on that day and in the middle of posting the gems I got hit by the 20 limit and as a result I couldn’t buy the accessory I wanted.


What’s even funnier is that i remember a bot with the exact same name running laps farming for mats in punika :joy: :sob: :joy:
But ye , they dont care , simple as that.

LA is not a game of passion for them but its business. HOW hard it is to understand. You spending money is the most important part in business not how game feels for you. You are part of the problem that games these days it is what it is. I m not saying that spending cash is bad in games but feel it out first. How game is itself and how it is viewed by dev/publisher. Looking back on that it was quite obvious since early start that it’s made to get your money as much as possible. They have different priorities then you. Theirs - put their hands in your wallet, yours - have fun in game.

Literally who asked you this opinion? All your post history is just making fun of LOA or AGS, making it seem like you have the need to feel the intelectual superiority over people who are still invested in the game. People like you who just spam the forums with bullshit instead of actual feedback are the actual problem.

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forums are full of feedback. What you did with this post if literally feedback too no? I simply explained to you why this is happening. If you can’t accept it it’s up to you. Same as me writing what i think. And i don’t need to really make fun of them, it’s already joke in itself so ye. Best of wishes. Add 1k more maybe they will care.

Edit: You checked my profile so i did yours. Quite ironic that you yourself is literally making fun of them about bots and their work on censorship and i only checked one post I guess same spots another.

So sorry you have to deal with this @wis I will pass along this feedback to the team.