The Facts of Lost Ark in the West

Summary: in short, giving ideas about how to improve the game, otherwise walk on.

Yes this will get either ignored or deleted.

If you want to keep and encouraging new players to play Lost Ark, you need a few changes.

  1. I’ve actually gone and played as new player on the story event …and got all the way from Pridehome to Punika. Actually dispite what people say …it’s possible to get from Pridehome to Punika in a few days of playing …this is quite good, you can skip cut scene’s etc…bravo SG/Amazon G. +1

  2. You have absolutely forgotten about the causal player. And let me remind you, whales need casual players, as most players need whales. You have to fill a raid by 8 players …if it requires 8…no matter how good their gear is or how over powered you are …you need 8 players for the latest raids. Yes 4, for some. The issue is you now have your regular players still playing but gatekeeping ruins the game for everyone. Yes I’ll probably pick the highest ilv player for my raid…but eventually we shrink our player base. Gatekeeping will destroy a new players enthusiasm and confidence or even a casual player with regards raids. -1

  3. The daily grind. Yes you have addressed it in the letter to the players. I think you know by now it is a bit unrealistic to thrash out 12 guardian and 12 chaos gates each day or every second day. We are not all college kids and even college kids need to study. -1

  4. Why help a new player ? As of now there is absolutely no reason to help a newbie. Why would I waste my time ? If I have 18 legion raids …as the the minimum I have to do each week. Personally I have helped newbies. Anyway the main point is develope a reward system for veterans to help new players out. Some sort of mentor system -1

  5. Expand the cash shop release all the skins you have…and make a fortune …because players want to buy skins often and flex…and western players will swipe for skins …bet your house on that. -1

  6. You cannot keep sweeping this under the carpet. NAW and NAE need to be merged now and so does EUW and EUC…we don’t have the technology yet ? Please …hire an intern they can do this (not being ignorent here, I actually am a database technician). We are talking about 15 euro old tech here. -1

  7. Just do the right thing…make the game more pleasant…Lost ark has much going for it …great combat and raids. This silly maintenance schedule…well in fairness it has got much better. But sometimes maintenance comes from nowhere. 0

  8. Communication. Talk. Be honest. Say it like it is. The letter to the players was a start…but please …one year and 6 months later ??? You have to do better. Us hardcore players will stand by you if you just do better. 0

Ya…just my thoughts about LA…don’t get me wrong, I love the game …will stay play it…but you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes and say it like it is.

EU player …English not my first language.


I really hope that mentor system comes. I’ve been seeing it in pretty much every suggestion. I can see them implementing it.


It’s gonna be exploited by bus drivers, so unless they ban buses out of the game ( never happens I’m affraid ) it’s just a wishful thinking.

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currently, lostark is a whale and hardcore player oriented mmo, but SG knows they cant continue like this forever, so they’re mulling changes, but its a long road ahead still for any concrete changes.

Nope, they could continue like this forever but they became too greedy and started losing their core players.


if you are a database technician and you think merging regions that have their own economy is a 15 euro task, I think you are a jobless one, no joke.

Why merge at all? Why not just transfer all the accounts? Copy paste instead of merge?
Pretty sure EUC servers can gandle EUW if they are really so low populated

lol. merging databases isnt as simple as a windows mouse copy paste thing, they need to allocate a team to write the program, test it out for any potential bugs that could wipe data off, it all takes time and money, there’s no incentive to do it at all, except for a few unhappy players on SA and EUW. Bear in mind different parts of the program was written by different teams, and in different times, so getting into all that rabbit hole, isnt as simple as it sounds.

On point 6 you are completely ignoring the people who play outside of the US. Merging would completely screw them over and there is a sizeable chunk on NA West. It’s why the server feels alive at all hours of the day.

So not a good idea.

Though I do want the server merge for NAE And NAW, but I’m currently abandoning NAE for NAW due to the ping, would be really shit if I go through all that bs grinding again THEN when I’m getting the roster going then they merge the server, wasting all my time regrinding. If they are planning to do the merge then it’s better they should announce it as soon as possible so I know what to expect and go back to NAE suffering a bit of lag instead of wasting more time on NAW trying to get my roster going.

With regards to the merge, if you can’t merge then have our account horizontal content sum up into a data and all our data turned to a sort of ticket and be able to use it to obtain all the horizontal content in the new region would actually solve the “we dont have the technology” issue.

Reason people dont want to reroll to new region is because of the horizontal content (Cards, Shards, Gems, etc). Do you know how much time invested to gain all these?

I dont get it why when you can consolidate a server merge but you cant consolidate the data and open the data into a new region.

yea FF XIV mentor system is awesome, gives veteran players a incentive for helping a new player. They could also give mentor multiple times to do raids one a single character.

I agree with everything OP listed, hopefully the road map will deliver on some of these. I’m sure they know about region merges and how impactful they are. I hope they can get something down about that this year

@helloicanseeu A merge is not as hard as you think, the restriction is where the racks are in the world for the servers, if they are in the same location, it would be easy to merge the database to include everyone… any name fields the same will flag that account up for a name change.

Most MMOs use MySQL for their database, and it is MySQL that will sort them and check for same field usage - as such names of characters. I.e. There is no need to “write the program” to do it, MySQL will do it on the fly.

Yeah I’m pretty sure copy and paste works just fine here :slight_smile:

It’s not unlike simply creating a fresh account on EUC and receiving everything you have from the game in a chest

Not much complications are needed, except for the namechange thing, which has been adressed by people who know

I don’t think it’s that much important that the prices are different. Prices reflect number of players more than anything else. You paying more or less for same amount of things than we do doesn’t matter once we’re merged.

And any way you decide to spin this, it’s the still factual information that it’s AMAZON games. It’s AMAZON. they can do whatever the fuck they want. They’re not your average database manager who’s handling 2-3 text documents for a local online shop.

If you seriously believe all this bullshit about technology being hard to implement, then it’s OK; you just dont have a clue about this world. But if at the same time you claim you’re working as a database manager, then I also feel sorry for the company you work for.

“We are talking about 15 euro old tech here”

Bro, do you really think he meant to say euro there? Think a little, he meant to say 15 year old tech… geez…

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its still propriety software, they got to divert manpower resources from other stuff they want to do, to work on it, rite, u got to test software that handles other pple’s data thoroughly before u use it, think of banks handling pple’s life savings. Its a one time use software too, so its very unprofitable to provide these kinds of service. Dont think they’ll be able to charge like 200 dollars for each account that gets a region transfer. Its much easier to say the software or technology doesnt exists. Its not as simple as just a few software routines to handle sql.

You are talking a lot of nothing to be honest, soon as I mentioned MySQL you should at least understand I know about networking and databases right away.

Merging databases is simple, you just need a rule in place if 2 entries share the same data in one field, set a flag on the newest account to force a change of name, etc.

The only restriction is where the hardware is.

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dude, management isnt interested in whatever easy technical methods u have to do that thing, u are talking about nothin.

Why merge …we are sitting on servers spread so thin .why not merge the players together…plus less cost leasing servers for SG and better economy and party finder for us.

You didn’t get the point, bro. I’m all for the merge.

I was saying you most likely don’t even need to perform a merge at all. You can just copy-paste from EUW to EUC, add namechange exception and be done with it cuz the servers on EUC can cover whole of the database. They can, we know it because of how the game was at launch.

I doubt the ping can be a problem. LoL’s EU servers are all in Munchen. I’m far from Munchen. The game works just fine for me, on 30 ms on average.