The Failphabet xD

A - Amazon Games (again)
B - Buyable Founder Stuff
C - Character Creation
D - DLC Packs
E - Expectation of fun
F - Friends (who needs friends?)
G - Guilds with friends
H - Having Fun with friends
I - Information that Locks will come
J - Joining Servers u want
K - Killed the social MMO parts
L - Lost (Ark / game)
M - Money wasted (again #newworld)
N - News with good words about LostArk
O - Option for headstart
P - Prepurchase for the ass
Q - Quit cause no friends in here
R - Rage the most given feedback
S - Serverfail part two
T - Terrifying decisions
U - Unbelievable choices
V - Valve would do that better
W - Waste of money and time
X - X-Realm not existing
Y - Yay singleplayer game
Z - Zero competence

I mean… are you gonna quit or not because this is some cringey sh*t…