The feedback thread that usually gets ignored :P

So feedback on things that could do with potentially fixing.

  1. What is the point of adaption? It literally is a non-number, 150% — Have a rank B! 25% - Maybe you can have an SS. So essentially adaption means absolutely nothing, it does really need reworking where adaption makes a difference.

  2. Yorn Una daily food chest… for the love of god, let there be a pity system similar to honing, so we can get the god damn meat from it… I have alts doing this quest and literally 6 times a day it’s always nearly disappointedly fish. I can literally never finish this area for an Ignea token due to this ridiculously small RNG chance for a food item.

  3. Isle of Yearning — Again no need to be ridiculously low chance… for both the bag and then the soul. Make the bag a bit more realistic to drop but leave the chance of soul very low.

  4. Make Leapstones and Stones from Chaos Dungeon roster bound, that way a considerable income for the bots is gone. They literally continually farm Chaos Dungeons all day to build up the Guardian and Destruction stones to sell. And you are all making it easy for them, resulting in unnecessary long queues on some servers.

  5. Why silver costs when adding shards to a piece of gear? Surely the silver cost per hone chance is good enough, paying 150k+ to fill up the hone bar first is also unnecessary.

  6. And Cals, he isn’t on the same level as Thirain or other important NPCs, East Luttera is just too difficult to max all the rapport, I did so recently, but it was a long annoying process. Over a 1/4 of a million rapport is needed.

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no comments on the others, but i guess the reason for bots keeping runing chaos after the change is becoz the gold door is still there. although its at low chance, but its profitable on large scale.

I forgot to add these also

  1. Rift Map exchange vendor, spending 1650 on a Punika chance bag when the majority of the chances it will be blue is quite annoying, especially when gaining rift stones is limited to a set amount per week.

Have the the first bag a guaranteed blue, which it is.
2nd Bag keep the same either blue or epic map.
Last bag have it epic or legendary.

Not much to ask.

  1. Can we have a similar map exchange vendor but with cards? So 2 white cards = 1 random blue guarantee, 3 blue = 1 random epic guarantee, 5 epic = 1 random legendary guarantee.

Would be a nice trade off.

  1. I was going to put something here, but I totally forgot LOL
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