The first continent is overrun with bots

I’m playing in Rethramis at midnight PST on NA East and there are bots everywhere! I’m taking a lot of time out of my playing to report them, but they’re driving me crazy. I hope there’s something you can do about them. There are far more bots than there are real players right now. It’s maddening, sickening and discouraging. Hopefully they’re not ruining our economy by taking gold from real players to sell to cheaters. Please help us real players by clamping down on the bots.

It feels like there are more bots than there were players on head start launch day. Maybe you can hire people to enter the game on each server, snag them, and ban them. The bots are easy to spot. Most of them run at mount speed or faster and they have no pets. Some of them ride mounts though, but they’re still easy to spot due to their names and the routes they take through the zones (they tend to run over triports for not reason).

Too many “outstanding” problems to fix, the same since the release.