The First Step to An Effective Solution to Address Queues & Bots

The Topic of Today’s forums: Login Queues
The Problem: The huge number of bots causing the extremely long Login Queues causing frustration for legitimate/real players.

The Propose Solution that will be objectively extremely effective.

The first step AGS/SG could do is to lockdown all regions/servers to prevent the creation of new bots that further increases the login queue. There was a precedent for doing this already during the initial week or two of LA NA/EU. Then the second step would be to start removing all the current existing bots and there you go a progressively faster login queue with these two steps.

For those who argue this hurts new players who will try to play during this proposed lockdown/purge. I am sorry, but frankly AGS/SG can’t have the best of both worlds. They should objectively focus on the biggest issue at hand than worry about the close to non-existent new players that would attempt to play Lost Ark during this sceanario.

The Known Attempted Solutions from AGS/SG:

“Ban Waves” - Not Effective.
Using this analogy of you and a team are on a boat in the middle of the sea and the boat is sinking due to a hole. Scooping out water doesn’t address the fundamental issue that the boat will still sink until you completely block the hole to prevent further sinking. Once the hole is block, then you scoop out the water.

“Expanding servers capacity” - Not Realistic
I am sure I read a post during the release of NA/EU that there is some of logistic/realistic issue that prevents the expansion of servers due to how technically complex it is

“Continual reliance and expansion updates of EAC” - Not Effective
No need for further elaboration on this point lol.

Seriously, all existing and further suggestions/feedback in regards on how to tackle bots in one way or the other have “pain points” for the actual player base. Instead of the “objectively ineffective soft methods” that AGS/SG has been doing so far, how about just trying some objectively EFFECTIVE methods.

I think I’ve tried to propose enough solutions over the course of this month over how to fight against the bots that would have clear “pain points” against regular players, but if the CMs or the Devs wants to completely ignore those suggestions, then at least just directly pass this suggestion on to whoever has the authority over the direction of NA/EU and to the person who had the authority to lockdown regions/servers earlier on.

“But wait a minute, what happens after the lockdown/purge, wouldn’t all the bots come back?”

In my proposed scenario, they would lock all regions/servers down entirely for one month and arguably one month is quite a long time which is enough to achieve some sort of development process in terms of coding in flags/tools/what have you to prevent the comeback of bots. Meanwhile, previously bots/RMT would start to dwindle because I am assuming ban waves will continue to remove most if not all the bots.

One month later in a perfect world, there is barely any bots left, RMT is barely taking place due to fewer bots being able to make gold to accumulate to sell to RMTs, but the lockdown time is about to be over and bots are knocking on the front door again. In such a scenario, I would’ve hope that one month time frame given to AGS/SG would be good enough to prevent such a comeback surge of bots back into LA.

If they failed to do so, then just repeat the same process again and again with random lockdown for all regions/servers. Or they could just start up a registration process for new interested players to create an account/character to login to the game to filter it entirely while having the lockdown for all regions/servers indefinitely. If you had an account/character already, you would still be able to make new characters on the same server. If you wanted to switch regions/servers, then I would assume eventually one year from now they would have developed such a feature/function to do so.


I dunno man. You can hire the best developers and engineers to work on a game, but if they want to rely on EAC to block off bots, then I don’t think hiring people who know or don’t know what they’re doing will help :x

In my own experience eac has always had a plethora of issues with bots and bot programs not sure why its still such a prevelant anti cheat when for years it hasnt worked

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I think there are some politics/backdoor business deal that the company behind EAC does for all the games that uses it ngl.

The devs are concerned about the pain points caused by anti-bot options. 90+ minute queues to log on? We’re already experiencing loads of pain…

Facts, this anti-bot option pain point is only for any new players trying to attempt to play the game if there are any XD, but a huge paint point for bots ;).

I havent seen an actual player in t1 since i was t1 myself which was months ago now any t1 player ive seen beside maybe a destroyer or 2 after release have been zerk bots or sorc bots the rebuttal of it being new players just isnt their if they tried to say that id have a true chuckle

Exactly, I did consider a few post that said some people might want to try to play with their friends that haven’t play the game yet or so, but really now isn’t a great time to recommend this game :x

All the bots they will see or honing will prob scare them off kek

Ive played solo since day 1 on the same page cant bring my buddies to come try at least right now the game is fun and i thoroughly enjoy it but in its current state i cant and wont reccomend it to a new player friend or not

Had the worst honing luck of my life last night i know for a fact my friend if he was playing wouldve Uninstalled XD

Rather than lockdown all servers at the same time, they can do it in waves. Mari/Valtan first for like 2 weeks, then the rest follow in 2 week intervals.

I think this would be a better compromise since new players will still be able to play but the Markets for bots will slowly get smaller.

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I have this idea, I don’t know how plausible it is, but one can see the train of bots in Vern from the repair npc to the chaos dungeon. How about actual people putting in say, an hour or two, and just manually banning those bots on spot. If compensation is an issue for someone providing their time to ban bots, offer in game currency or item compensation. Say, for an hour’s worth of banning bots, here’s 400 or 500 gold. Or some crystals, something. Come up with some vetting interaction for a player to be given the power to ban, and see if that thins the bot herds. It doesn’t just have to be in Vern. There are bot hot spots all through this game.

Just my two cents.

Honesty when im in the middle of something, watching tv, doing work on the computer or the like i sit right next to the chaos in vern or the honing guy and report as many bots as i can

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The only real solution to this is to have actual in-game monitors to kick the obvious bots running around with 20 dupes with names like “fyzzkxillrab”


I think there is the whole logistic and legal issue behind finding people/volunteers to ban people since essentially they’re giving away the ability to ban/perma ban which could be potentially abused even if they had a very strict selection process it still becomes a variable.

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Friends don’t let friends play Lost Ark my dude.

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very valid lmao I should find that post that said they want to refer this game to their friends and drag them into it


I play ff14 as well and have for thousands of hours over a year or two timespan in all of my time in that game i saw a bot 1 time and it was a single guy running 3 chars . Ags on the other hand both games ive played being NW and LAO have been absolutely plagued by bots again in my own opinion it takes a bit of the real mmo feel away from the game when you log into ff you step into a new world the player interaction is huge in that game makes you feel like youre actually apart of the world i really enjoy lost ark but ive never felt that mmo aspect from this game which is a bit of a shame the grind is there as we all know but the immersive world in which you build new relationships and make long time friends out of strangers just isnt there

Another important mention is the community in ff14 its a very welcoming beginner friendly community willing to help and teach new players correctly progress in lost ark i havent had the same welcoming which isnt a deal breaker but its definitely one thing that makes ff special

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Honestly not going to lie, I wouldn’t want a friend playing this game now from the start… it would just be embarrassing to encourage people to play Lost Ark in its current state.

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yeahh LA has some aspects of an MMO, but also missing the other aspects. Like each map would be its own hub and theres only so many people that can fit into one channel so there are multiple channels.

From personal experience tho, I basically had a circle of buddies from pso2 that converted into LA and stuck with them so I do agree that it might be hard for others who didn’t have the same circumstances/opportunities/harder to meet new people.

Yeah, LA is a bit toxic/elitest lmao