The fix for the DCs


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Since the “fix” im not having any error BUT my game is just randomly closing, so i have to open it again and wait all 5mins or more to come back KEK


Just had this happen to me and they finished the legion raid. RIP.

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had no problems since the fix

i got 1 dc right after i logged in, ever since then nothing, been playing
but its always rng anyway so might be just luck

the DC is here to stay that’s just a fact at this point.

if they haven’t found the issue that means they don’t know where the issue is.

Literally trial and error now which…could be many many months.

Uhhhh, nice fix, I was online for 2 mins.

game works


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Snímek obrazovky 2022-12-09 142800

they never said it will fix everyone
there’s been hope and might involved in things they’ve said

lets be honest they don’t have a clue what the issue is so it’s turning into a case of pulling every piece of spaghetti till they find the problem.


I am fairly certain this client patch was not meant to fix anything, but to put a token on your pc to compile a crash report and send it to AGS whenever you DC, rather than rely on vague comments in megathreads.

it’s done “something” at the least, for the last 4 weeks i’ve been dc’ing multiple times per hour every single day.
Today I’ve not dc’d once in ~6 hours

‘‘EAC offline’’ 2 times in 30 mins. But now I cannot launch from server screen anymore, game freezes, have to close it from task manager.

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first dc while in chaos for me but i could relog into the same solo chaos and finish it

“Following this client update, we will be closely observing for changes or improvements to disconnect behavior. As always, please let us know how your experience may have changed here on the forums.”

The way I read this: Up until now they didn’t really investigate, they have no idea what’s going so today they implemented a tool to observe what’s happening.


They never said that they fixed its lmao…

euc mokoko been log in for 4h now didn’t dc yet

Same for me!