The fix for the DCs

Crashing all the time still. Now i just crashed on Valtan HM 12 bars and after this I cant get in a Valtan as it says im locked. No rewards ofc. What a great fix

well on vacation
so 3 weeks of this until they are back from holidays

dont worry you can swipe $100 for Geralt skins

when the error has a code, and its showed to all they must be pretty incompetent not being able to fix it by now.
i mean that code comes with a description its not a random ass code. well i hope not, lol

Hey Roxx, this is the quality of support you guys provide to your customers/player base. Basically sums up your podcast at Stoopz as well. Ask about DC? Perma ban/close chat.


Anyone getting more lag spikes lately replacing some of the DCs? Cause yesterday my guild raid group got lag spikes and freezes before the game return to normal and end up few of or people getting killed

I’m getting that as well even with my internet is fine. Screen freeze to lag spikes leading into dc.

game is back to implayable, just go 4 dc myself in vykas, our group got 10 during G1 G2 (we haven’t finished yet). I got no DC the last day since patch… something is going on

update, seems like it’s related to seeds @Roxx or any mods, if you can pass the info, we just regrouped and got no dc for last part

de pire en pire 5 déconnexion en 2heure des freeze en jeu qui dure 1 minute tout les 5 minute le jeu deviens injouable sa fait d=1 mois que sa dure et de jours en jours c est pire

Randomly closed game.
I just missed a boss rush.

well we have to wait for the next stream or something else to get new infos… the official forum isnt the right place anynome^^

Deathless too hard to get with dc

unbelievable, that’s so bad

je viens de faire une porte du chaos full lag j ai meme pas pu placer un seul skill pourtant j ai une tres bonne connexion fibre internet le jeu devient pourri je pense arreter lost ark c est devenue impossible a jouer

Remember folks

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

great, the eac eating up a whole core bug is back too…

At first, I thought it is fixed but on next day I got 5 DCs for 1 hour lost the reward in chaos dungeon but fk it nvm, lost a reward in guardian raid too, and few DCs while just staying. Now for sure DC is a bit rare but its RNG you may not dc, or dc like crazy :slight_smile:

I finally found the fix for DC’s, quit the game and live a happy and fulfulling life rather than slaving to these greedy and incompetent dogs that are running this game. Cya SG and AGS, hope you have a fun time with 70% of your active community being bots and the others getting constant disconnects and disrespect from your incompetent asses

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