The fomo is real

Western gamers really have a serious issue of fear of missing out. The amount of I WANT IT NOW crying going on right now really is pathetic. Since when did MMOs become a sprint, this game is a marathon with plenty of content besides raids, which maybe 80% of players are going to spend hours and hours trying to complete before the cry for raid nerfs start… It is designed around enjoying alt classes that all feel great to play in different ways in my opinion.




Since around, oh, 2007 or so when WoW started expacs. Nobody does slow leveling any more in MMOs. That’s very 2005.

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I mean the things you’re saying are just wrong. That’s not how it works in any other version. You can just play casually and be ready for new content on release in KR/RU.

Not to mention it isn’t just the content, since I hit 1370 yesterday Ive already made 40k gold selling legendary accessories.


The amount of people using this quote to justify the messed up content pacing is honestly bizarre.

Let me tell you something about sprints and marathons. The time spent running is irrelevant. If someone’s moving at 3 times your speed, they are always going to cover 300% of your distance.

The only difference is the absolute value, which would amount up to a couple meters at most during a sprint. For marathons we’re looking at kilometers and that is exactly what’s going to happen if they keep this cadence up => a snowball effect.



Because we are currently stuck in a version of the game that was killing itself, except we have even less content than they did back then, the game doesn’t start getting good until 1415 legion raids. The schedule is “sprinting” for a reason, Amazon is fucking it up with stupid decisions. You can marathon once we have some legion raids and other missing content, marathon through a graveyard in the desert isn’t fun.

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People like you and everyone else don’t know the whole story. Always preaching take ur time. You don’t know what we are missing. You probably don’t know why people want to play this game so much and why its such a success in Korea.

If we had the missing content. NONE of this would’ve happened and people like you say will take their sweet ass time.

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I don’t think it is fear of missing out. It is just envy and resentment of other people’s successes.

If NO one can do Argos I don’t think anyone who care. You look at all the complain threads one common theme is “why are 1% of people able to do it? We ALL need to be like them.” or it is some tirade about whales vs f2p.

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Since like 15-20 years ago. First to max is first to make bank. Books from Argos have already crashed and the whales are the ones with the ability to sell them. I’m enjoying the shit out of this game and have 400+ hours played already, but this “You can just play the game inefficiently” motto everyone keeps posting is so late 90s. That’s just not how MMORPGs work anymore. You end up very behind in gold by being late to T3 and late to Argos. It would be one thing if the top 15% of players could access it, but its only whales or the EXTREMELY EXTREMELY lucky that can. Its either out of touch or intentionally scummy.

are you sure about western gamers have a bigger problem of FOMO over asians? there are tons of asians playing Gacha games with similar concept.

i dont even know. the people who can buy the accessories are other whales with 1370s and they are willing to pay more because they want to min max now.

for general ppl, who took normal times to get to 1370s, if you wanted to buy gear then, its gonna be so much cheaper, which is good for them. accessories are basically overpriced now due to people trying to minmax, thats about it

You dont even have to ask to know OP isn’t hasn’t hit 1340.

Complaints arent about FOMO, they are about the pacing.
The 1340 to 1370 progression takes about 1 month of 5 hour daily play to complete on average if you are F2P.
And in that gap there is barely any content cause our version of the game has Night Fox raid and Hard Mode T3 Abyss entry iLvl moved from 1355 to 1370. On top of that for some reason they cut so many ways to generate honing materials that we are starved off them.

All this generates a wasteland between 1340 and 1370 that is simply tedius and monotonous.

This same thing happened in KR/RU as well and it almost killed the game, with the difference that they even had more time to gear up alts and more content to do in that gap as well. We are getting an even worse version of that.

The Argos release isnt the complaint, its what sparked the debate and brought afloat the issue since people realized they would need at least 1 month of daily, no-content 5 hour play to even access Argos as a F2P.

And if you are in the more causal side instead of the 3 to 5 week range it would take you two or 3 months to close that 1340 to 1370 gap of no content.
And I repeat, this happened in KR/RU before and it almost killed the game.

Approximately 7-9 years ago when all of them started changing their monetization models such that they have short lifespans and player attrition is high. Nowadays, if you want to ensure you are playing with plenty of people, you better be at the leading edge of content before the game dies off.

Glad I could answer that for you.

It’s people like you who are ruining games, not reading anything and just come with a madeup attitude.

People aren’t mad about Argos release as much as we’re mad not playing the versions that made the game a success in Korea/Ru.
We’re playing the version they hated over there, and here you have people defending it lol.
It was bad there, and once people hit 1340 here they will notice how bad it actually is.
Gating 1/3rd of weekly matgeneration is quite rough.

We’re having a NewWorld 2.0 scenario here lol

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FOMO doesn’t have to be negative, but it can be preyed upon by AGS. FOMO in many games actually push players to play the game, and it’s fun! Back in the days of Diablo 2, when my buddy made an Enigma, FOMO pushed me to grind for it as well and it was fun as hell to finally get one. FOMO is not fun when it involves companies gating and preying on you however.