"The Fomona Island Lady" Welcome Challenge bug

Objective is to complete the “The Lyre of Love” Quest. A guild buddy has completed the quest and got the reward. but me and another buddy have done exactly the same but didnt get the reward.

What can we do? Is it a bug?

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I have this bug also, please refer to my screenshot as well.

This has happened to me too! Can’t redeem the Welcome Challenge reward for “The Fomona Island Lady”.

I’m also experiencing this issue after completing Fomona Island. Could it possibly be related to different genders having different quests? I was playing a male berzerker.

Fomona Island Guide for Lost Ark on Maxroll.gg - Island Guides

That could be the case. But 6 mates have the same issue. Going to let you know which gender they play

female and male character have the issue. rip mats

That sucks… I guess we’ll have to wait until they acknowledge there’s an issue.

I believe they have but I hope they fix it soon :frowning:

ich hope its going to very soon. I am almost t3 and at that point i dont need the mats…

@Roxx any info on this? no one seems to be able to claim the rewards after completing the island.

Big update!!!

you can get the welcome challange by just doing the quest with a female char (alt) in 5 mins and pick it up with your main. it is really gender locked. sorry for the missinformation in the previous comment.

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