The founders pack compensation is nice, but what about my time?

Hi guys,

New player here who just started a few days ago. The game’s been really great and I’ve enjoyed my experience immensely given that I’ve sunk close to 40 hours into the game already in a span of 3 days.

First off, I wanna say that I really do appreciate the recent announcement of compensating players who have already used their founders pack. However, what I want to get back, more than anything, is the time I’ve already spent on my account.

When the announcement of closing the servers earlier was made, I was at work and did not see it in time to inform my friends who were waiting until tomorrow. it sucks cause now I’m either ditching my main account to go play with my friends tomorrow OR I keep playing all on my own in a locked server.

It would be great if there is any way we can transfer our current accounts to other servers OR give us any mechanism of skipping all the way to LvL 50 in our new servers (granted that our original character has reached LvL 50).


Even on a freeshard, we were able to move account to another server back in the days. Don’t tell me nobody is smart enough to do this…

No skipping though for me, i want to actually play it :sweat_smile:

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I mean you are dumb enough to buy founders packs. So AGS figured your time isnt really worth much.

Ok I bought a founder pack, and I know you’re saying I’m dumb, but I laughed at this. Thanks for that lol.

On topic…

They don’t have the tech to do server transfers.

Apparently they dont have the tech for a spacebar either. it is really starting to piss me off. Character names, and now i just got to my stronghold yet npc’s have spaces

Actually wtf even the default name has a space LOL “Nameless Territory”


This is good start but they’re going to have to loosen up their naming system as well.

They should’ve given more of a notice and not just a 1 hour timeframe… At least then friends and guild members can join the correct servers before being locked. This was such a bad move especially considering the queue times were almost non-existant after day 1 (At least for my server)

Really hoping the team reconsiders this

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Obviously your time is worthless, just like your spent RC.