The frog should be permanently in the game

Frog was great. Get it back in the game and permanently.


they want ppl to swipe
bots rmters at it again pushing to 1580 why ghl are 87g soon to be 90

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yes frog was great and you shud have used that opportunity to buy the things you wanted.

by making frog permanent you are pretty much ruining the whole economy of the game, i dont understand why people don’t see that the frog is only benefitial if it’s used for a limited time.



You are clearly not playing the game or you are very low ilvl to think of that.

cant harm the game more than rmt and bots are already doing LOL


how are bots and rmt affecting you exactly atm?

you can literally flip gems just because of bots at the moment.

you guys just need to get over the fact that you didnt use the frog event while it was live.

it will come back, make sure you make a good use of it next time.

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i did use it and i still want it back because its helping the economy alot especially for newer players that cant farm as much gold as for example i can do with an almost 1510+ roster
rmt and bots increase the prices to heights where they shouldnt be because gold losses so much value through those

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The bots ruined the whole economy of the game, the frog must be permanent for the sole reason of neutralizing what the bots are inflating. Have it been bot free, then the frog should be seasonal. Of course you don’t understand since that was a very cheap and unthoughtful take as usual.

It’s funny they do all that bot mitigation methods that hurt the players but when one thing benefit the players and cancel the bots effect, they take it out. They must be thinking like you, which is basically they don’t understand how the game works.


Its funny how you dont understand that a permanent frog will also ruin the economy. Lmao.

Also bots have both hellped and damaged the economy.

I didnt see people complain when bots abused the grudge books and they sold for 7k gold each.


The reason those books are so expensive is gold was massively inflated beyond Korean levels because of the gold printed by bots, so the gold given to players weekly from game content has less purchasing power than intended.

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Thanks to bots I completed mine for 4k a pop.

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inflation is getting bad again, Grudge sold for 25k on EUC yesteday

hes trolling dont need an econ degree.

Juicers at Brel are getting their weapon this week a lot of folks are and they are pushing main to 1580. Then add the few (new players trololol) who are making use of honing buff express to push alts to 1490 since gatekeeping means no clown. That splurging costs way more money you get from just raiding They are swiping in droves right now aka 90g per GHL spike, coincides with the 1 week really 50K bot surge. The demand for cheap gold high since anecdotal everybody pitty in this RNG game.

Also BC going up aka not enough whales are interacting with the RC shop since value garbage.
In NAE fast approaching 3K and I think NAW 4K again?

Game needs a gold sink of some sort since well after Brel rich ppl getting richer and thus are paying premiums that many F2P players without alts can afford. Roxx stated Global use alts least and I doubt we raid on em much either. Case in point, my 2 Brel characters are already 5x3 BIS so now I just collect gold. The increase in money supply even among endgame players drive prices up since game has no real economy. WE already make money faster than the ingame economy produces items we need. The AH always has a shortage because the predatory devs made drop rates abysmally low and the output is not increasing its stagnant or DECREASING resulting in higher prices.

SG P2W tactics KR games 101 fucking over players. Add unchecked RMT to the mix money supply Inflation on steroids aka Argos Leg acc selling for 200K a pop Argos release. Global also clearly doesn’t have the population to have matching RNG drop rates KR has.


If $100 to 100 Grudge books
RMT + Raid gold + 0 gold sink increase money supply by 200%
The avg price of grudge will increase $200
But because of outside factors such as Value irl forex
The price could skyrocket to $300 (SA prices)

My guess is that AGS/SG figured we would nolife like KR/buy RC through shop. But even a 4 roster account can easily make 80-100K per week buy just raiding and doing guardians + una alone. 100-150Kg if you do GVG get a lucky drop. The solution to this intentional shitshow is to just increase the drop rate of items to match the gold generation in game hence why the Frog worked because the number of items/engravings doubled over night resulting in price cuts on AH. Now on NAE you will see the random 26K engraving book after a whale buys em out, RE books back to 10K currently and Surge 16K and climbing. Speaking of other factors…


What about all the newer/slower players that didn’t have the minimum level (1445?) to even use the frog?

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It’s also very much a supply issue. The books aren’t supposed to be cheap and easy for everyone to buy as soon as they need 5x3. It’s part of the build up of your character and the progression.

LMFAO and he’s asking to the others if they are playing the game or very low level

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I disagree, cause it will kill whats left of the economy.

However it should come back every 3-4 months IMHO.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback, we’ll make sure to put this in the garbage bin - AGS

Are you serious or trolling?

you missed my point but im not gonna argue any more.

the discussion you are making fun of me is about someone claiming that the increase in GHL is because of RMT, when it’s clearly not the case.

The reason why engravcing prices are high is also not attributed to bots.

That’s why i asked how are RMT and Bots affecting the player who is complaining about engraving prices.

Next time read before you act smart.