The game disconnect and punish players

I mean, there’s not a lot of things to say, players with alts know how important are harmony shards when u on T1, so one of the main ways to get them is the Shadespire Tower. I went there, floor 14, got disconnected by the game, really don’t know why, but then i log in again and i saw the beauty of all: no rewards, but all 14 floors marked as “complete”, so i lose 11 harmony shard pouches (m) and 50 leapstons among other materials.

Tried Amazon Support Chat, the answer: oh we can’t do anything sorry you lose all your progress (: oh but we can contact the devs, they should be answering u in 2 weeks, don’t worry about it!!

So yeah, 2 weeks for the devs to answer me, i’m not going to be standing in T1 for 2 weeks, now i have to spend gold to get the materials i need to get to T2, and my progress its going to be hardened, thanks to the disconnection of the game itself, yeah sure thats amazing.