The game does not fully closed on quit

After I quit the game it still stays open in steam. I can’t kill the lostark processes in task manager. The only thing that help is restart. Have anyone else experience that?
Its weird becaue just yesterday the game was running just fine…
What I tried so far was to update my drivers and OS. Also I preinstalled steam and also the game.

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It seems to be an issue with EAC, I saw sea of salt considering games, that use that software (APEX and Epic store stuff in general).

This issue is currently being monitored in the thread below.

Here is a solution that some users have had success with.

That solution does not work for me.

Nope did basically everything possible doesn’t work. verify files, reinstall steam/game/EAC, reboot, flush, router etc. nothing works it seems to even get worst now i literally cannot enter arena at all it d/c 100% of the time, guardian/chaos is like 33% crash chances, zoning is like random crashes, raid/abyss/legion seems less but that’s a small sample size, overall i’m getting from 10% crashes when zoning around to now almost 50% on avg and cannot do anything it seems to get worst now in the last hr i d/c 80-90% of the time i cannot even do dailies.

I tried everything mention but does not work. Also it seems its somehow related with crashes because the chance to crash to desktop when I use my ultimate skill is like 15-20%… I am literally scared of pressing “V”… Worse thing is that I have to restart PC in order to log in again…

Please if someone find solution share it here.

can we change to another software than EAC ?

Here’s another potential solution. That’s all I’ve found so far.

Yeah this crap happen to me yesterday, only way to fix it is to restart your pc.

i had the same issue the other day but i tried this and (for the time being) fixed the problem…

  • go to steam before launching the game, right click on lost ark on the left go to properties
  • in general, launch options, added -useallavailablecores
  • in local files, verify integrity of game files
    this has fixed the indefinite “lost ark closing” issue ive gotten on steam

worked for me, for now. Ty <3

EDIT: stopped working, have the same issue again today, sometimes game stops working but it seems to be so random even on restarts of my pc. have fun fixing this one cause its the biggest ive ever seen.

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Have same problem here for waiting AGS/Amazon fix it i guess.

I will try this and report. Thank you for the share.

edit: does not work

Thanks for sharing this, everyone keep us updated on how this fix goes!

Edit: @Krumkai Just saw your edit. seems to be another with mixed results.

Thank you for the report! Could you let me know which server you’re on?

This issue is affecting everyone. There was an update with EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) on Thursday and after that when you exit the game the game never terminates and gets stuck on running. Nothing can be done to stop it but restart your PC. There are many threads reporting details on the issue.

I switched from Fullscreen to window mode and the game close normally this time.

The issue of the game not fully closing in Steam when we exit the game should now be resolved.
There was a post about it in the official news area.

Here is a link to that post
Addressing the recent EAC Issue - Official News / Official News - Lost Ark Forums (