The Game Is Basically unplayable at this point

Was trying to do hildebrandt palace challenge abyssal dungeon. Kept getting ping spikes, freezes which last for up to 10secs and sometimes even more where i keep moving and everything stands still. Later i got disconnected to server selection screen with that error in pic twice by which point the team i was with voted to quit the raid. Similar issue was happening in Chaos dungeon, Guardian raid, Abyss raid and Legion raid as well and has been happening for a week at least. I’m playing in EUC Thirain server. My usual ping is 170-250ms which has always been playable and did not get this kind of bad spikes before now.


This shud be an issue on your side, the servers are fine…

well… its not. cuz i play other games as well and non of them had this kind of thing happen or lagged even.

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250 ms? how on earth are you playing this game. you must be getting hit by everything.

its normal for people outside of EU and we get used to the ping issue. but every once in a while people do get hit even though they were outside the aoe lol

yap happening same to me EUC/Lazentith… and from what it looks like everyone thats having this problem plays normally with 170-250 ping means they are from outside region… they definitely made some change to server which is causing this problem.

Hello Arkesians,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues starting up the game due to this error. This has been addressed with the possible work around for it and has been posted here:

We’ve posted some troubleshooting steps on our official site as well:

Please give these troubleshooting steps a try and do not hesitate adding your details in the main thread quoted above if the steps do not clear it for you.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Maybe you should look the forums.

Everyone is experiencing this

you just exposed yourself to not be playing the game, but jump in any thread trying to discredit ops.

literally all of EU have been experiencing multiple disconnects and getting duplicate logins all day today. every single member of my party in different servers were disconnecting in turns.

And you just exposed your self for not being able to read.

I literally replied to the OP the day before the maintenance. BEFORE any of the server issues were evident after the patch.

I also made a comment about the server having issues.

The response i made was the day before the maintenance.

It got worse after the maintenance. 2 dc back to back… my bard is stuck in deskaluda raid even now

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Getting the same issues myself after the lastest patch. Got the same DC 4 times today already + random freezes.

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