The game should not have launched without server transfer

A rough take given how many of us were left waiting longer after the delay, but the release has shown that the game was not prepared for actually being popular.

The problem is not that the game is too popular. The problem is that the game launched with their backup plan being “add more servers”. As we can see, this plan was very limited. The devs have already exhausted it and are now left with nothing to say.

More servers were never going to fix this problem, because it retroactively fights crowding when the developers should have been proactively creating a server system that fits the game. Because Lost Ark is a game of commitment. Once you pick a server, you feel locked in. Your founders items, claimed. Your progression, server specific. All the hours and money you spent, locked in. Amazon offered a portion of founders items to convince EU players to swap regions but what about those who spent extra money on skins or slots? Those who progressed? Amazon has nothing for these people.

People put time and money into this game. The game makes that commitment an anchor. It makes you locked into the server you pick. This rigidity simply cannot handle this situation. It was bound to fail. So I fully expect every EU player to be mad at this. To leave a poor review. They have every right to do so. The game should not have launched as it has, and the devs must push for developing a server system that can accommodate situations like this. Any talk over whether KR has it or not is irrelevant.