The game still crash sometime when you alt tab

How is this still not fixed ? Can you please optimise this game already , so many perfomence issue.
This need to be fixed for real now.

Not using borderless?



Not all monitors/setups can use borderless and people, like me, are forced to use full screen. Windowed makes the game stutter so hard that it’s not possible to play.

Sometime in bordeless the game doesn’t even let you alt tab this game just need to be fixed .

you sure that’s not a YOU issue?

never had any problems tabbing out to watch pron

It is a you issue. Borderless is the FS experience without the crap alt tab

Don’t you liike the smartass people around forum?

A player:
“game crashes in FULL-SCREEN when you alt tab, and this is a bug that needs to be fxied”

People trying so hard to look smart:
“it’s your problem, the game runs fine in BORDERLESS”

Why is it OP’s problem? are you saying all games SHOULD crash in full-screen whe you alt tab? is it impossible that a game can run normally and NOT CRASH in full-screen?

Go to a doctor and stop being so full of yourself, plz.

I played with bordered and borderless and never had issues alt-tabing, just some freezes, maybe ram / pc problem?

and I leveled most of my adventurer tomes, so believe my I alted-tabbed a shit ton

sounds like this should be in bug report and not general discussion

flagging this post

Yeah you are so special, you never had a full-screen mode problem in borderless.

You are so blessed and your life is redeemed successful, the talent and benevelance of “not engaging a full-screen mode problem in borderless mode” is truly impressive and you are brilliant because of it.

Is this enough? Or you wanna continue dragging on? Anyways, i’ve tried with your kind and now i’m done. Bye~~

Did you somehow get this to run on Windows 95?


If you’re tech savvy on a level of having Bing as your default search engine; the problem is not in the game

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Dude you have some issues lol
I said its maybe something on your end, its clearly not the games fault, its not crashing while alt-tabing, only for you