The game will be full filled of bot eventually

My friend decided to AKF because a auto chaos dungeon player achieve +23 WP but f2p. In his guild, there are a half of players using script to farm. My friend spent a lot of work and enthusiasm into Lost Ark but what he gets paid is endless queuing, bots issues, and those unfair behaviour. Now he is exhausted. Auto Chaos dungeon is just like virus. When there is a player in your guild using it, it would quickly spreads to everyone since the receiving is too easy and there is no any punishment to stop this virus. Great Work Amazon!


i reckon it would help more if u expose the person’s char and server name here so that the support team could actually do something with him, rather than u just here complaining for nothing.

Sorry but i have to sat what I see from ROXX’s speech is endless excuses rather than an efficient action


just go to check steaming platforms, take a look how many bot sellers promote their scripts, many of them streaming for 2 months without ban. And the auto chaos dungeon is a general phenomenon not a group or individuals. I cannot report all of them that is too much LOOL

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sry, bro, its nothing new alrdy. but ASG is just incompetent to fix it. ur post is just a post among 10000000000 posts regarding bots here alrdy~

1 real player to 3 bots right now

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yup I know. How ridiculous is the issue already there for 3 months

I am still surprised that people never saw this coming:

  1. Game’s vertical progression, visual progression, and more are tied to gold from the get-go.
  2. Slow down player progress while still releasing raids at the same pace as other regions but with fewer resources.
  3. Increasing the class cadence so that people need to spend more to not fall behind their friends or raid groups.
  4. Gold sold by bots is cheaper than gold sold by the game and with no limit.

All this creates the perfect environment of supply and demand for a bot and RMT-infested economy. The reason why MMO’s in the west (except for games 20+ years go, but botting was never a thing) had never tried tying vertical progression to gold (or the equivalent) is not only to not have pay 2 win but also to not incentivize botting more than is acceptable. Remember that in the west, it is illegal by law to tie social security numbers or any kind of public identification to these kinds of companies, unlike Korea.

The core gameplay and the friction of the progression can be reduced or completely removed with gold.


Irgendwann ???

Just learn a new word from forums, not p2w but bot 2 win lool

u have definitely put some thoughts there. however, I happened to have had a short conversation with one of the amazon support staff a few days ago. this person told me that ASG intends to beat bots on the technical side: enhance firewalls, create automation banning system, and also including the VPN and IP ban that we already know. this person even gave me an example about how other company’s automation banning system works. well~ we all know the results of their fancy systems.

on the other hand, if they actually sit down and have a think about what u said there, they probably have figured out something already. again, just like I have said 10000000 times alrdy. pride and arrogance are the main reasons why they have failed so badly, and yet they seem still have not realized it.

hhh yup we all know the “fancy results”, so will Amazon still insist that lol

Agreed. Latest bot purge effort was the last nail on the coffin for me. My friend can’t login anymore but bots are at all time high. It’s ridiculous.

My experience is that botters always find a workaround, they are just as tech-savvy as companies. Sometimes companies forget that they are not the only ones that know things.
The only way to “defeat” bots is to beat them through the economy. You either become the gold seller yourself (aka the company) by providing gold more competitively than the botters, or you destroy the incentives to buy gold in the first place. The second one is harder in games like Lost Ark since it’s tied very closely to the company’s revenue streams.

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The game itself has bugs that robots can exploit, but every time many players suggest fixing these bugs, they get blamed by other players. The real reason for the increase in the number of robots is these arrogant players.

haha~ u sound like a very smart fellow :grinning:~ and yes~ thats what I have suggested to the amazon person I was talking to.

but a typical software dev team is often composed of staff from math, science and/or engineer background, rarely from business or economics background. therefore, it is imaginable that they wouldnt go for making policies route. Furthermore, it is not easy to make a right policy especially when u dont have any expertise.

for instance, it is quite easy for us to say that “lets cut down una task earnings…” or “lets lock out the server for stoping new account registered…” for policymakers they need to think in a much large picture. One step wrong could lead to catastrophic disaster to the game condition as well as the in-game economy. particularly, for SG team, they have even more things to consider as they are also running servers in Korean, Ruassin and Japan.

You are not wrong at all.
Botters are actually more complex than just people from their basements like they use to be. I’m sure some small intensity botters exist, but I assume it’s more companies using hundreds of PC’s making hundreds of thousands or millions on this. This makes it so, that they are more than enough equipped to deal with technical limitations imposed by SG or AGS.

It’s not easy to implement things to deal with them economically. Although to be fair, nothing in the second option that I stated, will fix the bot problem with honing and power progression completely tied to the gold economy: You can limit Una’s or small changes in other areas but if people can buy gems and honing materials, gold demand will always be high. The only way is to saturate the market with those things (or make them bound), making the demand fall, but that will severely damage revenue streams from there, which I’m sure it’s their main revenue stream.

well i got 9.3k que NOW @ 6am ahhh life

I am from EUC and from zinnervale and we went from 14-20k queues in the first 1-2 months to the server being “good” until very specific peak hours (lots of people quitting i guess? or bots migrating? dunno). I do see bots but not as bad as other regions or servers. I think here in EU they went to the original low pop servers like Wei and others and just saturated them.

i think thats enough discussion for the day. after all, we r here enjoying the game but not doing the job for them. plus goldriver’s team members are very smart ppl, otherwise they wouldnt be able to develop such an amazing game in the 1st place.

I am sure they will figure smthing out at the end. we just need to wait a little patiently~

anyways~nice to chat with u~ peace~