The guild penalty system needs a serious rework

During early launch, I joined a guild that ended up going inactive. I left and got a day penalty before I could join another one- no biggie.

The next guild that I joined disbanded after 3 days. Annoying but such is life.

As luck would have it, the GM of my current, 35 member, active guild decided to go postal and delete the discord and disband it as well…

And now I’m sitting with an 8 day penalty.

This is legitimately a bad system that wasn’t properly fleshed out and I don’t understand how after the game has been out for this long, there’s obvious and much-needed QoL changes that have yet to be addressed.

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It’s not uncommon when there is rewards tied to being in guilds.

Sorry about your guild luck, hopefully the next one stays together.

Next ones are 14 days, 21 days and more :slight_smile: so Gl mate

Oh boy.

I did my homework and found both of the guilds on the official discord or here on the forums.

If this happens again, I’m gonna’ lose it haha.

Rewards aren’t super relevant, the weekly caps on buying stuff are tied to char not guild, and you already have a 3(4?) days penalty as a “New Guildmate” where you can’t contribute as much making reaching the 100% contribution before the weekly reset more annoying.

I guess people could leave, join another and donate to get more bloodstones, but you get a lot more bloodstones staying in one guild(350 a day once you’re a member) versus what you get from donating in new guilds.

1 day cooldown makes sense but the increasing amount is horrible, especially with how guilds are messed up if people aren’t contributing/leader quits(have to wait 10days for GM to switch which makes sense but still is annoying) or if you get kicked for no reason.

It’s a pretty bad system the way it is, there should be an upper cap on the penalty and it shouldn’t be a whole week when you get so many rewards for being in a guild. You’re punished for being in a bad guild, and punished for leaving the bad guild.

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