The habit of saving in Lost Ark

I have noticed alot of players keep saving their HP potions, mats, trash, mostly everything. How are you so sure that you will play by next day? Maybe a tornado will come and destroy all net cables? Or a earthquake? Or an apocalypse?

Even going to Argos, and sometimes 2 or 3 players are depending too much on bard to heal them, they dont use any hp pots. Which by the way it was claimed from the check in or login bonus.

Can you please explain why ?


A war is coming.


Legion commander raids are coming. Use your battle items sparingly

Because they cost Gold, which is very scarce for Non-Whales, Non-Exploiters and legit players.

Removing the Gold Cost from Crafting in the Stronghold could go a long way already!


True, its really hard to sell unbound materials if your character is already at 1415. Its also really hard to run abyss dungeons and/or argos on multiple characters to earn gold on each of them every week. Its harder to do weekly unas and daily unas to get 3 free chests with a chance of a 10k gold bar. Gold is sooooooooooo hard to make. zzz

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We saving our flares/pheromone for Valtan harmode bro


are you using everything you can aswell? are you using purple potions? what about shield/time potion? then what are you waiting for? maybe a volcanic eruption or a meteor will destroy all your net cable.

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People that have been wasting battle items are going to feel it when they start doing progression in Valtan and need to burn through a lot of them.


That is why the game is overrun by gold-selling bots because it is so easy to make it.

Keep trolling!

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Everything you say is troll. If you’re having trouble making gold its your fault

I think it’s just being cautious about the unknown. How many do you need to save in the tank?

Go read the thread about Pheons. Numerous posts deriding players that spent all their pheons instead of saving them. Every new player should know exactly how many they can spend and how many should be saved?

Personally I started chucking grenades after we started receiving tons of free chests. HP pots I always used since I main Berserker, but you can also get them from the Mari shop if needed for only 25 gems (very reasonable price).



Ah yes, wanting the noobs to leave

Truly an insight in the mind of a forward thinker here



They’re gonna kill the game and I dread that day (not noobs)

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As a Warhammer 40k Ork fan:
Nobz are great.

Noobs on the other hand…well, noobs, unlike newbies (and yes, there’s a big difference if you look at the history of the word), are never a good thing and are always contributing to a hostile/unproductive environment.

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Of course there would be a tabletop guy around, beating me to it!


Should have sticked with the Komissar…

Surely you’re talking about the people that want:
Power pass to boost every character they make on demand
Gold for doing literally nothing
Materials without farming
Lower difficulty of end game content
Increased honing% (its only a 10% buff until 1415 its literally useless)
Keep going or???

No, those are not the people I meant. But it is quite prevalent that your 1490 “f2p” players who took advantage of the market early on and got millions of gold, are just disregarding new player feedback and problems as a whole, its driving people away with the toxicity.

Look at threads to do with streamers talking about problems that exist. “Doesnt affect me, reported for spam”

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Im not 1490 or free to play. But new players shouldnt be demanding to be where im at if they dont put money into the game or put in as much time in the game. Its that simple

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How can someone bitch about people bitching? Masterbitch?