The Heartbreaking State of Lost Ark - A Long Term Lost Ark Player's Take

This is a huge myth that apparently eastern people are fine with p2w.

They arent.

Maplestory was a disgustingly pay to win game, and the reason for lost ark’s success in korea is because a lot of maplestory players moved to lost ark because the game in korea is actually fair to free to play players.


Also side note, if they released that here i personally would not mind at all. Because that DOES NOT lock you out of content. where as it stands we dont have enough material to actually hit it the first released raids while maintaining even a small margin of what real life is xD


Ah yes the maplestory days. No joke i sunk $10 every week for like 4-6 years on that game. My mother gave me $10 a week to eat breakfast. skipped breakfast for NX LOL… ah that game… can’t deny its P2W and if Lost Ark turned F2P friendly i hope they do that sooner here. I do understand there are things that are better with our version then Korean that people dont talk about.

  1. Pet Powers ie +10%crit etc… is a blue crystal gatcha theme for Koreans.

2.) The Aura as well

thats just a simple one that we take for granted. I wonder what will happen


pet powers are whatever, they’re about a couple thousand gold a month which is basically nothing, its like paying 5 or 10 gold a day for it, not a big deal.


So in the end typical “korean p2w mmo” stereotype won’t change because as we’ve seen korean devs are the most greedy mmo developers on market. I think It is good that they’ve showed their morals this early.


But still we can’t deny that its better here then over there in terms of free to play. BUT yeah… if its that little amount then its not something major. Just really sucks because i wanted to play this game BECAUSE of its F2P acceptance. lets see if they change anything then i guess


A very good post to summarize the current state of the game. In consequence the chance for getting completly ignored by AGS is very high.



I mean it’s understandable because everyone hates Amazon as a company (I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s Amazon, you hate them on principle, really, gaming or no gaming), and everyone is smarting from the disaster of New World. And it’s very comforting for people to have a “good guy” vs “bad guy” scenario in their minds, for coping purposes, especially since they are already predisposed to hate Amazon anyway. But it’s almost certainly true that Gold River is keenly aware of everything that is happening in NA/EU and is intimately involved in deciding what happens as well – if he isn’t then it’s the worst run company on the planet, given the size of the EU/NA playerbase.


Fantastic post! Hope it does not go ignored by AGS/Smilegate.


wow. thank you for this review! ive slowly been assuming the worst and this is the icing on the cake. After i was robbed of my abyss hard mode entry this week (which i literally need for progression) due to amazons error then being told there is nothing they can do has made me feel totaly detatched from the game and disheartned. really getting big new world vibes and i truely believe AGS has no clue what they are doing and will run this game into the ground. super sad because gold river has done an amazing job and i would buy any one of his future titles but providing they arent eing published by AGS. last AGS game i ever play.


This post should be the no. 1 post on this forum. Great feedback.


Great post. It hasn’t been great and the latest patch has ruined it for me. This is coming from someone that has spent an embarrassing amount of money £500 ± including the Play pack and I’m stuck at 1350. I don’t want to spend a cent more. Yes I understand that I could’ve been at 1370 but I don’t have all the time in the world to play either. So for me the balance between time and p2w is off…is it really expected to pay more. Fantastic game but think I’m done.


Thank you for this post. I’ve been battling AGS customer service for almost five weeks with no resolution to my issue that most MMORPGs offer and can do in mere minutes (name swap). Their draconian 60-day name policy and sloppy head-start with no name reservation period lead me to quit and chargeback my founders (I bought all founders and starters). I don’t care if I get banned.

As an old saying goes, “You can tell the quality of the restaurant by how well they upkeep their restrooms.”

The same goes with customer service. It sucks, associates have no sympathy, poor reading comprehension, poor training, no deescalation training, no true powers, unaware of fine details of policies, no human element—most sound like bots or hate their jobs—just copy and paste a script.

Poor customer service — a company that cares more about their profits and shareholder interest than customers’ interests. It’s their restroom that they fail to upkeep, and the content is the crappy food. AGS sucks.


Very insightful and clearly written post. Thanks for sharing OP. Just a little bit heartbreaking that it confirms pretty well everything I’ve been concerned about with our version of the game.


Ty for this thread, untill these issues gets fixed i wont spend any money into this game.

Almost bought the skins but i rather save the money for some other game


Hey @Seawolf - as you seemed to have escaped the CM cupboard, I’d like to point you to this excellent feedback thread!

Also thanks for communicating with players, even saying there’s no updates is in itself an update and it makes us feel less like we are screaming into an abyss :sweat_smile: :heart:


Very well written Feedback good job! :ok_hand: :+1:

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Well said my boy well said /Golfclap

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Yup, this sums it all up perfectly. Hope Roxx, AGS, and/or Smilegate sees this.

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You totally nailed it there… Hire this guy.