The hell is up with NAW Servers?

This is the 6-7th time ive been kicked out of the game for no reason, this is ridiculous what changed? First it was a que despite having no increase in players and now this?

You on Mari? They’ve been looking into it.

Tell yourself that. Copium be strong.

Copium that they are looking into server problems?

Yeah Mari been unstable for the last few days. Getting random DC and game shutsdown.

Go visit support section of the forum and read up some of the connection issues topics. Notice how often CM’s visit them.

Then you can come back to me with the whole copium thing. Trust me, i’m very high on it.

Edit: Tip - those topics often have " Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT" or somethgin similar in them.

Nah Valtan

lot of ppl reporting increasing instability since the latest easy anti cheat update

Been extra buggy on Rohendel lately too.

Same for me on Valtan. Just got kicked again.