The hole! I've fallen and I can't get out!

Aight, I saw some folks ranting about this a few nights ago, but it happened to me too, so I thought I’d share my thoughts here. I tried in area chat, but it was vitriolic as usual, assuming I was either dumb or inexperienced or perhaps even just young.

TLDR: When you turn 50 several important looking quests appear in your guidebook directing you to vern then lock you out of the main goal which appear to be chaos dungeons. Vern quests locally provide little to no gear to get beyond the 250IL requirement, so people are getting stuck in a “hole” the game funnels them into and if area chat is to be believed, many are getting frustrated and quitting.

The real meat and potatoes: I was in the 2nd map or so of arthentine when I turned 50, lots of splashes, quests opening, awakening things all important looking things to do, flashing icons in the center of your screen, the whole nine. I am one of those slow poke players, taking my sweet time, doing all the content and actually reading them, following along. When the big event it happens, some players, like myself stop what we are doing and begin chasing purple quests as the game shows us. We get an awakening chain, cool, a whole new ability slot! We get led to vern, and then told all about the awesome chaos dungeons, and then suddenly there is a gear score wall we have to achieve to get in. Makes sense, right?

So we start the local vern quest chains. And quest. And quest. And quest. Very little, to no gear is dropping to carry us to, or beyond the 250Il miniumum and god help you if you ask people how they’re GS 1000000 in area chat. You’re a retard, or you tried to “skip” things etc. Those people plainly pre-studied the game because after talking with some other folks running around the forrests of vern, I realized all the people that are just taking their time trying to be quest completionists are having this happen and have 2 options. Read a guide, or just go back to arthentine where we were, and just stare at the vern quests in our log ufn.

I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to figure out what to do, IN GAME, with NO GUIDES, and the game seems to have a design hole that is funneling us to vern before we are ready, and to some of the super casuals, I can tell you from my experience at least, they’re getting frustrated, since everyone promised the game “opened up” at 50. To the folks like me, it didn’t “open up” at 50 it literally dead ended, and imho that’s a pretty serious design flaw in the game flow.

I’m not one of these doomsayers; I’ve been playing daily the past 2 weeks, and don’t see that stopping anytime soon, bought a founders pack, so before the area chat white knights jump up and down on me for daring to criticize their game, I’m in it for the long haul and while it’s not an insurmountable problem to ME since I am not racing to keep up with the jonses, I seriously think the quest design team should watch their father play the game, no hints, no advice, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts the older players like myself will all have nearly the same experience. Yeah, I could go read a guide and study up on the game, but that feels wrong to me, I think the game should show us without the need for external guides.

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Also, side note, why is it everytime that I tab out of the game, I tab back in to see players leading creatures on top of me, so I get killed for being afk a moment?

I was just killed by Rovlen’s Growing Spore Bomb while I typed the above message, saw the person dragging them over on me. /sigh

Man …
Instead of coming here and write a vay to long post you coult have go to search on google a lv 50 progresion guide .
From 250 to 400 it takes 2 hours even less if you get good party for abyss and then is the most straightforward system i ever see basically honing > raid>chaos>abyss >craft you gear …

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Hmm from your post it sounds like you try to get higher ilvl from gear drops ? You have to hone your gear in the city (NPC with hammer symbol) with upgrading materials which you get mostly from island quests.

But also the game guide near your minimap gives you all kind of tasks to do and in return you also often get needed materials (dont worry you can carry over your enchantments to new gear for a little fee).

Otherwise follow your blue but also purple quest lines. I actually did all side missions aswell and Iam now ilvl 1066 or something and I didnt spend any cash. Well not completly true, I bought the bronze pack for the early start.

Also exchange your gold into blue crystals and buy from the Mari shop materials you need, this way its much cheaper than from the AH.

You can also get more materials by exchanging pirate coins at the blue merchant ships you see on the map in front of every major city.

Also this thread might interest you

Dude. I figured this out in like 5 minutes and ran a dungeon once to get to the ilv for my first chaos. Then i was 320 right after that.

Your post looks like you did not read the [GUIDE] quests (purple quests) which teach you how to upgrade your gear. I suggest you go to youtube and check these words: Lost ark gear update 302-460, Lost ark gear update 460-600, *and ofc so on these to 1460) Lost Ark how to transfer your stat from one gear to another, Lost Ark how to craft your Abyssal gear.
I hope these tips help you and you’ll find a good guide in the future, also you’ll find a way how to search on youtube for gaming guides.
Good luck, have fun!

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So the guy say, i dont want to go in the net read a guide and your answer is go watch/read a guide …
But if you realy do the quest and all like you said, once you get to shushire and finish the quest line there, then you will be ilvl302 and go do chaos and w/e.

So even if you don’t know anything and go back to your quest, there is point when all will fall in to place anyway.

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well. in the end of quest line you get whole Tier1 302iLvl set.

I dont get it what hole etc are you talking.

hmmmm… seriously not.

and you get those [GUIDE] quests what will teach you how to upgrade gear to higher lvl.
You dont need to do any googling/youtubing. Just do quest. It is not so hard. :wink:

I am having a hard time understanding what your issue is?
You like to take your time and take it slow and be a completionist, but at the same time you want to get better fast like those that fokus on getting forward?

you literally just typed a wall ot text arguing about something that literally no other player has done.
You want to take your sweet time playing the game? that fine!
You want to read every line of the story? 100% with you! ( no not really but its your choice)
You dont want to read guides or watch youtube videos? thats ok too but dont write stuff you know nothing about.

Here is the tl;dr
When Lost Ark launched in KR they did NOT have so much content, they had way less stuff to do. I’ll try to explain this in plain and simple English but in short lets just say that we got the Launch and the 2 first updates alltogether.

So yeah, there is a lot of content but let me tell you something, EU/NA always get these games at a later time so there are always people that do guides/tutorials or simply explain a thing or two about new games.

Trust me they do not really “spoil” the story for you if you want to do that but they will give you a general idea on what to do in the game.

You probably missed something. I followed a purple quest and all of that was explained to me. Chaos dungeons, gear honing etc… I was 302 iLVL right after finishing that quest. Then got another one for guardians.
You just missed something my man, the games does a good enough job to overgear you when you reach Vern, I don’t understand how you got confused if you did the quest.

Speaking as someone who intwntuonally ignored every source of “guide” info in order to go in as blind as possible, i feel like im the only one who is playing the way the devs intended.

Finishing Luterra granted access to the ocean and a boat.
Checking the Ship List informed me that i get all the ships by following the world quests.
So i follow the world quests.
I do every sidequest and purple quest before moving on, so i hit 50 pretty early in Aethertine.

Upon hitting 50, i get some guide quests indicating to go to Vern.
I assumed that that meant the next location after Aethertine was going to be Vern.
Finished Aethertine at 240ilvl.
Prediction came true and off to Vern i go.

Arriving in Vern, very quickly unlocked the Awakening quest. I set my return to Vern and veered off to get the skills.
Came back to Vern and continued questing.
By the time i unlocked Chaos Dungeons, i was i260.

So as you can see, by simply completing the world quests for the story instead of skipping ahead, i was granted access to endgame content while having an ilvl enabling entry and completion at the same time.

I feel like rushing is precisely wht people end up stuck in a hole.

Game is a marathon, not a sprint.

It sounds a bit boring but I just ran Chaos dungeons and traded them for currency who carried me over the limit. After you do your 2 daily chaos dungeon runs you can re enter it as often you like and you can change the blue and purple drops for upgrading materials and also you can do islands who give TONS of upgrade material.

I never had any problems until I hit 580 where I needed to grind a bit more because I changed mains in the middle of the process what is not good. So I have a character on 580 who I only play as an alt and my main who is item lvl 550. Just followed the quest line and skipped aetherine to jump straight to vern and after I completed vern I quested aetherine and just did main quest until it said I need to reach the item lvl and I had so much materials that I hit it easily and the next “barrier” I hit with rohendel where I needed 2 days of doing dailys. Now I am a bit stuck in front of Yorn because I changed mains.

Alrighty, couple of things. White knighting for this excellent game isn’t really necessary. I’m not saying OMG game sux! I am saying there is a “hole” if you will that is leading not just myself, but other players into a “wall” a seeming dead end (It isn’t clearly, if you just keep going but it SEEMS that way). I assume from some of the helpful posts here that I missed something, because my following the quests in this particular fashion led myself there, and it was only due to having a conversation in area chat with others who had experienced the same thing that I figured I’d post here.

I also think several of you didn’t get past the TLDR before making some rude assumptions like I was trying to “skip” content. That’s objectively not true, as I said initially (and serious props to the guys that did read what I said!). Secondly, I know I could google my way out of the hole, but I am neither inclined nor in any rush to do so. I’m just questing along, enjoying things at my own pace. Not in any hurry, at all, as I said, initially. It’s quite interesting actually to see basically the same responses on the forum as we got in area chat like “just google it, ffs” or “You’re whining!”.

I’m not whining, I’m not saying this is a bad game, nothing of the sort, so you can put down your pitchforks. Hell, I even bought myself a mount in addition to the founders pack stuff as I felt the game was already worth it. I was just pointing out this situation so that I could tell others what to do if it ever comes up again, or avoid it on an alt. The “her de der it wasn’t a problem for me so it can’t be a problem for you!” folks, I’m willing to bet are the same ones raging at dungeon parties because someone didn’t want to skip a hard mode cinematic, I bet.

To the folks that bothered to read (and comprehend) what I said, thank you, genuinely. Very few area chatters seem to be anything other than white knights, looking for enemies where there are none. I gather that I should have continued in arthentine instead of going after the awakening quests that popped up and looked important. I figured out how to untrack them last night, so they’re not clogging the quest list now, but I still think its worth pointing out that the game created this situation, through what is presented and made seem like the priority, and I would be interested as a developer in knowing that was the case for a (small) number of players. Just last night I talked to 5 other people about the problem, so I know I’m not alone, after I filtered through the OMG U SUXX0R comments.

I can tell that a good portion of the LoL community joined this one, thanks to responses like what I received for daring to discuss it.