The honing is not the biggest problem of the game, the lack of content is really hurting the game

My experience with the game was very good until I reached 270h of gameplay, I did the islands, the towers, I did a good part of the map explorations, I did all the abyss, and guardians, I managed to reach T3 with my Main which is the only one class I really want to invest in. And now I play 1h and I don’t do anything else because there’s just nothing worth it for me who just wants to play with my Main. It lacks that content that lets you progress without being something daily. I have 5-6h to play every day and i simple can’t, I created a huge affection for the game and now I see myself playing a game that it seems like it doesn’t want me to play it.

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That’s a good moment for you to try another class then.

I mean why not?

This game is designed with Rosters in mind and offers 22 classes (eventually) and somehow you want to pretend every other class doesn’t exist.

You are capping your own experience, by doing that.

Pretend this is League of Legends, how many times did you hate a champ until you tried it and the gameplay felt different and cool.

All I’m saying is try different classes. I suspect you will even change your main.


I did try another classes, Im a Berserker main ilvl 1315, i have a Ilvl 460 Artilerist, a Ilvl 460 Gunlancer and also a ilvl 460 Scrapper. I did they because i cant play the time that i wanted with my Berserker and i did like that at all. The problem here is if i dont want to do a lot of classes(because some people simple dont like most of the classes like me) and if we dont do it we cant play.

Mokokos. Island souls. Giant hearts. Sea adventure. Ignea tokens adventurer tome. Masterpieces. Etc etc. Tons of content that makes your character stronger :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s fair. People already pointed out that Tier 3 was released in Russia and Korea with more ways to gather materials than what we have in our version.

That’s why they are doing these new events now. So people are not forced to play alts.

I still think the game has exponentialy more to offer just by taking multiple classes seriously.

And eventually we will suffer from too much content actually, when we get the Legion Raids etc.

imagine, having no idea what else to do with your lifetime, and telling people in a games forum…

Seriously? Lack of content? There is no possible way in the world that you are done with the game after a month. This has to be a joke post.

If you are serious your character must be bare bones trash, you have so many missing skill pts.


Lol what? I have roughly 500h in and still feel overwhelmed with too much to do daily. Have you done your tomes? Island dungeons/souls? PVP? Rapport? Abyssals? What about alts?

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It has that content, but likely not what you want to do.

Lost Ark is set up in a way that you either play alts (if you want to focus on the core combat content) all daily, or you play horizontal content (collections, achievement/tome completions, etc) that isn’t core combat content and which is generally considered very niche content in most Western MMOs. The content is there, but it’s niche in the eyes of most Western players, which I think is where the issue arises. Alts are played commonly enough in Western MMOs but games are also not designed in ways to require them to be played like this one – having 3-6 simultaneously active alts is a very small niche playstyle in Western MMOs.

What exactly do you do daily that you’re overwhelmed after 500h if you’re not playing alts?

Daily T3 content takes an hour, max two. I’ve got 53 island tokens and ran out of tokens that don’t require dailys/rapport (working on them slowly) or are on adventure islands which can be done only once daily.

Got 9 giant hearts working towards 15. Again just rapport and dailys.

3 omnium stars, 27 masterpieces, 995 mokokos and 13 sea bounties.

I use all my work energy daily and then some because I often buy potions. I’ve got at least 80% adventurer’s tome on all but 2 continents, which I’m going to finish over the weekend.

A lot of content, I had great fun, but I’m almost out of content that’s not time gated.

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With the way alts work, i honestly feel like i dont have enough time sometimes.

Lol, I feel like the day doesn’t have enough hours to get everything done in this game.
6h are barely enough time to get through 5 alts+main - if you don’t want to do stuff repetitively you probably have the wrong genre…

I agree with you, everything is boring for me cus everything is capped by dailies or weeklies, you can’t spend 10hours on the game and not run in circle.

Completion stuffs isn’t motivating also for this reason, i don’t see any point in doing it except earning skills points.

Making alts i find it also really boring since there’s not all the classes and especially the ones i would like to play.
I’m 1359 and i’m bored asf, i do dailies in 30min maximum, do few upgrades then dc.

Doing ghost ships is lame it’s just here to waste your feathers and very little rewards and not everyday, same for world bosses (and still can’t do them multiple times per day).

If things weren’t that capped by once a day, i would probably play more and get motivated more. I find it dumb that it is capped, why wouldn’t i get more rewards than people who can only play few minutes/hours per day if i inject more time of my life in the game…?

I am probably gonna end up leaving the game really soon / depending on the roadmap.

Dont know how slow you are but i do all dailes with my main and 3alts in 2h maximum(Una,chaos,Guardians).

Also completion stuff once it is done it is over, and also it is not for everyone, some people just do a bare minimum just to do better in the content that matters to then.

Yes that’s what I do, i did the 6 hearts, working on more omium stars, 350 mokoko for the card and some other things.
But I don’t know it’s not enough, i wish there was like bosses that you can spam and do mount farm or glamour farm or something else.

I disagree. I think we have a lot to keep us busy currently and we have tons of new content to look forward too. The only problem here for you and others like you would be to wait for the new content to come. The vast majority of people are still enjoying the current content.

I enjoy the content, but when you can only do things once per day, there’s not much left to do and you end up quitting the game.

It’s the mobile game design – cap what you can do for free, gate further “fast” progression behind spending.

I would agree with you if you were 1325-1340 since you would be currently in the worse time any player that doesn’t invest real money to gain the exorbitant amount of resources needed, could be.

You, at tier3, have 2 options: Core combat or exploration (a mix is ideal).

Core combat at tier 3 is very limited and has very little content. Currently, we are in a phase where the pacing is time-gated by very punishing RNG mechanics that limit character growth. So, unless you either play the AH or pay $$ to gain the resources or you might be stuck doing the same 2 weekly dungeons and chaos dungeons for weeks to come.

Horizontal content:
Alt characters: You can have the pleasure of redoing the grind with your alts without the island resources, which means either making more alts to feed your alts, or go do the spire to get extra resources (ofc u can just chill and take weeks to progress by just doing chaos dungeons and guardians). (Personally, I enjoy alts, and being someone with 536 hrs it’s what’s keeping me from quitting).
Exploration content:
If you care about power, this is mandatory to an extent(since u need all the skill points and runes). This is probably the most time-consuming aspect of this game. However, not all people enjoy it. Most people who try to defend to death the game will send you here, but sometimes forget that not everyone is interested in collecting mokoko’s, the same way they are not interested in accessing all the raids and dungeons.

My suggestion is to try an alt and keep progressing your main to at least 1340, get the skill points and runes, stockpile and spend resources when RNG mechanics are lessened, then finally access the terrible timegated content at 1370+.