The Hostage situation

It’s been weeks, and happened so many times, it’s just ridiculous.

Here what happened an hour ago.
You join an abyssal dungeon group.
You wipe cause a guy don’t understand anything.
You wipe a 2nd time.
you tell them about the mechanic they should know but hey… let’s try to raise the level.
You get insulted cause you bruised their ego or whatever.
You wipe the 3rd time cause the guy died in the first minute of the fight and ask for a restart.
You ask him wtf is going on, he says “I have no potions, I am poor”
I ask to quit the dungeon, cause it’s pointless, funless, and he already insulted me twice.
3 votes no, me vote yes.
Then I notice the 3 guys are from the same server, so suspiciously friends playing together.
They start to send insults, argue and crap.
I try to mute cause I am tired to see how stupid and mean the human race is.
I can’t mute them, the game tells me they don’t exist (not from the same server = can’t mute)
Then they brag about how they can keep me in the dungeon forever.
I go AFK.
I have to cut the sound of the game to 0% cause everytimes they send an insult, it does a bip.
I lose 2 hours of my life watching youtube.

So, what about you remove the features that allows the spoiled sadistic kids to cut the fun of grown guys who wanna play. Sounds crazy uh?


What are you talking about???

I was just trying to commiserate and give some personal insight into why i think these people act the way they do.

You can just leave cant u? U get a lockout for matchmaking for like 20mins but u can do something else during tht time.

I don’t think I’ve ever played any other game that locks people into a group and requires a vote to get away from them. It’s really bizarre. You should always be able to leave individually at any time.

I’ve never actually tried, but I don’t believe you can ctrl + right click on your name to leave a group for a dungeon in progress. I don’t think it lets you leave via any means in-game other than the vote, the best you could do is alt+f4 I suppose.

I’m not sure what happens if you try to log back in. I would guess that character is still in the group? Maybe you can play a difference character until that group finally ends?

I’ve seen some reddit comments suggest that you get locked out of that Abyss Dungeon for the week potentially as well :man_shrugging:

Pretty sure u can just use the song of return or whatever the one is you use to leave islands, stronghold etc.

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He loses the entry of the abyssal for the week, so
Quitting is 100% not worth


According to the people in this reddit thread, you can’t use song of escape either. I have never had to try though so I don’t know from personal experience.

edit: example comment for people who don’t want to look at the thread:

I just went through the same thing. You can’t use song of escape, or even the actual escape feature, there’s no option to leave party when you click on your name, there’s no way besides quitting the game and forfeiting your run for the week.

And why?

Nope, people have to vote. 3 yes to stop.
If you leave, it’s like you finished the dungeon, but have no reward, nor can you move to the next one cause you didn’t really finish it.
That’s actually the point of this post.

I don’t wanna argue about who’s right or not, but when someone don’t have fun, being hostage for hours with insults is a real problem.
Same for the impossibility to /block players that are not on your servers, you HAVE to see their messages and insults if you stay in the game, or if you hear the sound and get curious.


I’ve done a lot of runs and while I do encounter some people that say they don’t have potions and refuse to use them, as well as generally rude people, most of my encounters have been rather positive. I do a lot of matchmaking abyssals which means most of the people in them have no idea what the mechanics are. In my experience they’ve been more than willing to take my advice, knowledge, and guidance without an issue. I’ve seen steady progression and eventually down each boss. It’s been rather surprising.

I would like to believe that if you go into it and genuinely try to help people, they will respond well. But how you word your sentences and interact with them can really determine the outcome of the interaction.


Just because your own experiences are positive, everyone else has to be the same? I’ve run a lot of abyssals now and usually they’re fine, but there are a ton of toxic people in this game and the voting to quit feature can be abused. I’ve been in groups where people refused to leave, even though someone’s gear was broken 100%. Or where someone said they needed to leave after trying for an hour, yet the party refused to let them go. It gets more messy as you get into the 8 man raids. Fact is, it’s a system that can be used to grief others. Giving everyone the power to kill a run completely is also iffy, but I’d rather have a system where I can force quit and be locked out some time from matchmaking, than be potentially stuck in a Dungeon until people get bored.


They need to remove the achievement for not using battle items in abyssal dungeon. Apart from the usual f2p trolls there’s an underbelly of no-hope scrubs trying to get carried.

It’s a cultural problem, generally in Korea they play to win, not to take out daddy and mummy issues on strangers.

Same with gold sellers - not a problem in Korea - clearly a problem in the West for MMOs since forever - zero change in community management of the game - despite Amazon taking forever to adapt a ready-made game.

So we have brats wanting to ruin the fun and a publisher continuing to show that they are either too lazy or incompetent.

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OMG This! I’m not young and have played my share of MMOs and I have to say, this community is one of the most divisive, sociopathic, narcissistic, elitist online communities i’ve been a part of. I can’t speak for everyone, of course that would be ridiculous, but man there’s definitely a particular “type” of individual this game attracts. You can even see it in the forums when anyone has something less than optimal to say about the game. It really makes me wonder how many people are playing this region that are actually new to the game vs coming from the RU or KR servers bringing their sweaty try hard status with them.

Then again, generally speaking, 2022 has been one of the first years where I can literally be standing right next to someone else and it’s like we’re in two different realities. Maybe what’s going on in the world has made people short with one another and drawn out their nastiest personality traits or something Idk. it’s like this air unspoken tension that makes one half or more of the community uptight. There’s always try hards/elitists in every online game but never have I seen so many in one place before.


The adult thing would have been to not engage with the trolls in the first place. You just watch them fail, and once they get bored, they will quit. I never try to teach or help people who didn’t ask for help, it’s just a waste of time.

After conflict escalated out of hand, you should have just left the dungeon and accepted getting locked out of it for the week. It’s a video game, wasting 2 hours of your own time, and all that drama, what have you gained in the end? You give random people on the internet too much power and control over yourself.

I do agree the generational gap has something to do with it. At this point there are parents playing with children in online games, which is bizarre to think about considering when games became a thing it was considered something that was a “phase” during youth.

I think that combined with the geo-political habbenings around the world may be what make the community seem so divided right now. Normally i’m sure a lot of people would be more receptive, tolerant and unbothered by unsavory or less than ideal players.

Wow, mankind is screwed. Enjoy your life while you can.

literally just close the game and go do something else :neutral_face:

So the good guys lose 1 week, and the bad guys get a token to start again, go screw another good guy, and so on.
When they could literally add a 5 wipe = free pass to quit solo mechanic or a timer, something like that. And also YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE to BLOCK the players that insult you, it’s not that hard to do…

Maybe have the option to block the players and then their votes don’t count so you can release without a ban.