The ideal bot solution(From Stoopz podcast by Ohbenji)

This solution was brought up on Stoopz’s podcast.

Step 1:
Do a massive bot banwave

Step 2:
Merge players into an initially new server, eventually an existing server(There will be 99% players in this server and 1% bots as the bots were just banned)

Step 3:
This new server has a limit for the number of accounts that can use the server.(Not number of characters, I mean for each individual steam account).
The server should always have a reasonable limit. (For example the server will consist of 90% existing accounts that were just merged and leave room for 10% new accounts for new players)

Step 4:
Repeat this every few months, either expand the server limit each time or create a new server for this purpose.

Thanks to @Drakeos for clip


Basticly you took idea from Benji isea xD

I credited Stoopz as literally the first line can you read? lol

I don’t see on what it will fix the bot problem.
Already step 1, if they could do that, they would already do. They did once in the past, but bots have evolved and they can’t detect them anymore, that’s why they are trying other solutions.
Also not everyone wanna be merged with others servers…

Couldn’t they just have everyone sign in through Amazon Prime as like a verification check?

You don’t need Amazon Prime to play the game. And if it’s an Amazon account only, Amazon will be swarmed with new account creations from bots.

The banwave succeeded but did not last we lost 300k~ active bots from that banwave if you look at the charts. A banwave is only the first step the rest of the steps help maintain that the bots stay banned/useless.
They don’t have problem banning bots, just the problem of having them stay banned

It worked for a while, we barely seen any bots for something like 15 days after that. Only thing they had to do is to keep the ban waves, like how Square Enix does with FF14. But they stopped it, and the only reason I can see is because they can’t find bots anymore.

The only ways to fight bots atm are :

  1. Hire Game Masters
  2. Make the game B2P
  3. ID auth required
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I was one who acually clipped this xD

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Thanks for the clip

Cute, but the problem with step 1 is telling which account is a bot and which isn’t - that’s the core issue.

Also, step 3 does nothing because each bot is an individual steam account.

AGS also need to be smarter with their pricing and packeges
People want to pay to win, obviously, or they wouldn’t be flocking to gold sites,
so let them do it.
Run 50% off flash sales on weekends, throw up some honing packeges, better life skill packs that include life energy and epic tools, more sailing packs with store exclusive crew members, rapport bundles that come packeged with outfits for stronghold members.

Make the store more on appealing option to people who want to spend money.

This will do it. Great suggestion.

This is the stupidest most convoluted non starter of an idea I’ve heard yet.


funny it’s how they eliminated the issue in KR. You can’t even make new characters on most of the older servers since they are full so they just recently had a new one open up and only Nineveh is flooded with bots now due to it

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They actually did do this once in RU that I’m aware of, so the claims of server transfers not being possible is kind of dubious. Especially considering this feature is now available in KR (AFAIK).

But this still wouldn’t solve bots.

Didn’t know about this! Hope they bring this to NA/EU/SA

Make the game Buy to access/play, bam fixed and existing players don’t have to pay for anything and just keep on banning the bots until they are gone.