The issue no one dares to talk about


So far I have enjoyed my hour long queue times, and hours spent trying to matchmake on EU server. All this has been very fun, but there is one issue, I think is ruining your game for all of us, but no one dares to talk about it, due to government censorship.

On my journey to Arkesia I have meet a lot of interesting people. The journey takes you through awesome zones. But there is this one thing, that can’t be ignored no longer. I do believe there is a higher power, controlling Smilegate, and pressuring them to spread this fake news. You must understand that I cant have my children grow up in a society, where this kind of error happens.

I beg you! Please fix your god damn game.
It cant be true that I get iron ores from mining copper ores! It totally mental to be honest! stop spreading fake news.

Kind regards, a worried mother of 6.