The issue of Timezones and Clocks

Hey there, so this whole in-game time and timer situation is really getting out of hand.

  1. We have an in-game clock with a drop down box that shows different timezones
  2. Event timers don’t always add up
  3. The in-game clock is apparently affected to an extent by our computers’ clock settings
  4. Official posts and tweets often use 2 or more timezones, sometimes getting these timezones mixed up and having to correct them, causing even more confusion
  5. Official posts and tweets use timezones that may or may not be the same timezone reflected in the actual in-game clock

Might I suggest picking just ONE fixed server time for each region(USW, USE, EUC, EUW etc) and running every in-game event based off that? Then pick ONE fixed timezone to use in official regional announcements and include both that timezone and the in-game server time in the announcements.

Gamers have been working with “server times” for decades. Even the babies among us will be able to figure out that if X happens at 4pm server time and its 2pm on the in-game clock now, it means X happens in 2hrs.


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