The knowledge transfer

@Roxx @Seawolf Hi and good evening.

I would like to ask you guys if you can confirm if we do get “The knowledge transfer” like in Korea where you can boost your alts to level 50 for gold , so you don’t have to quest through the quest line with all the alts?

Or will we only have the real money boost?

I would be happy to hear back. Thank you in advance and wish you a nice rest of the week. :blush:



To my knowledge, reach lvl50, pay 600 gold.

i’m gonna assume we won’t have it at launch.

but they will eventually add it.

Also would love to know :slight_smile: @Roxx and @Seawolf

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This is important to know for many peoples plans for launch. Any info would be appreciated @Roxx

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Additional question:
From my understanding what was posted via Discord, you have to level one character manually to 50 and complete Vern questline, then you can boost one other character for gold to 50+vern…If I want to boost a second character I have to level another char manually right? Or can i boost endless characters to 50 after i finished the requirements with one?

What discord is this from? It doesn’t seem like the official discord as the Roxx there has a different picture.

The Amazon Games Discord.

ye you can check it out on AGS discord :laughing:

Perfect thank you!

From what we all know, community discord:

Knowledge Transfer will be on our version at launch! @Updates This lets you spend gold to level boost your alts with gold. You must have one character manually leveled for Vern boosts. Your boost character gets locked for 8 hours and finishes with Vern story completed. After Vern boost (Rohendel), for every manually leveled character (or payed boost purchase not on launch), you can knowledge transfer a new character. EDIT: The vern lvl 50 boost lets you boost 12 character. Boosting to contents after Vern requires a lot more gold and requires manually leveled characters/payed boosts to unlock more character boosts.

@Simma90 I believe 1 lvl 50 char let’s you do 1 knowledge transfer, so you will need to level another one manually to get a 2nd knowledge transfer, but that’s just info I heard from streamers.

What level Estate do you need to unlock this? I can’t find that info anywhere.

I created this post back then. The new level boost in Korea - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Test Forums (

the video is the first of the topic.

Why do you guys even want this at launch? The KR server has been up for like 2 years or more. Its fine that they get a boost. Its stupid to have this be on the NA/EU launch.

Gold - more alts means more gold making opportunities

Yes, doing the story after first few times becomes a massive pain