The knowledge transfer

Thanks for sharing this with us! so its will be like 1 char leveling manually gives 1 free boost and so on?

Because there are a lot of players playing for years and starting over again. So thats really cool to help get your alts again fast without paying a lot of money (and there is no pay boost at start)

if you have done all side quest with youre 1er carater do the alt will have all side quest done to or you would have to do it again for having a clean map ?

so, it needs only 1 manually char on level 50 and you can possibly boost all the rest with knowledge transfer?

i think its 1:1 ratio

I’m waiting for clarification on this as well. I dont think it has been confirmed yet but I dont mind either way. Just be nice to level a few characters and skip some others :slight_smile: