The Korean PTR nerf on Deathblade Surge's death orb meter gain feels super overboard

If you want people to play 20 stacks more, why don’t you make it like this: you gain 0.5% per stack (up to 20 stacks), at 20 stacks gain 50% more surge damage (150% total), and then leave the death orb meter gain as it is on live right now?

This way, you basically hit 2 birds with 1 stone, the ones who enjoy a more consistent blade surge and play with 12-14 stacks still have their fluid rotation, they just do much worse damage. Whereas the ones who are high risk high reward players will still have a whooping ~12% bonus damage to their rotations. But for sure they’re not gonna pull it off all the time lol. Most often time they’ll do less damage than the ones who do 12-14 stacks anyway, unless they’re gods at the game of course.

Because surge damage needed to be capped because that’s their way of nerfing surge without affecting RE. Surge really is #1 dps by a not too tiny margin and they like to see things even no matter what difficulty the spec is to play (deadeye).

that doesn’t make sense, a spec harder to play needs to be able to deal more damage, otherwise it will be the weaker one and you’re not making them even at all. I’m sure they have the stats on average damage dealt with a specific engraving in their hands.

Well it doesn’t make sense, but I guess everything is easy if you practice?

According to the patch notes they really only care about potential damage, not really if everyone can consistently reach it.

Surge was doing the highest damage out of all the classes, it needs to be toned down but the PTR nerfs are probably too much.

Overboard? You do like 20-30 % more damage than most other classes in our region. If anything I’m surprised they didn’t do more.