The Last Melody of a Requiem

I just finished The Last Melody of a Requiem and did not received skill points as a reward. The game says I already collected the reward, but I sure did not when I just finished pre-quest A Particular Kind of Adventurer right before The Last Melody of a Requiem, which actually popped up after I finished the pre-quest.


i heard its given if youve claimed the feiton powerpass.

If you use the shortcut “Alt + D” in game, you can check which skill point potions have already been claimed for your roster. As @jeresuen said I’ve also seen some are claimed by the powerpass.

Yes the feiton powerpass auto completes these kind of quests and rewards like skill points potion/virtue potions are only once per roster.

You know skill point potions are for all characters in your roster right? Why are you mad? You did not just “claim it on alt,” you have that on your main as well. Same with any virtue potions from quests that powerpass cleared for you (which you haven’t cleared it yourself of course.)

I realized that and that is why I deleted the comments.

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