The Last Roadmap?

No pressure, but the upcoming roadmap is going to be something that decides the future of the game
People have options that they can choose now over Lost Ark
Hype up the game a bit
Change your approach to how you run this game
Only the most seasoned players are left all the way from launch
You’ve been straight barraging us with disappointment for 14 months now

I’m just asking for one good reason to stay
But while Aeromancer and Slayer are nice, I’m looking for a change in the management of the NA/EU Version that will ensure longevity
Not a constant bleed of players and complete stagnation of player population growth

Otherwise, in the following months population will tank and never recover
Quitting is definitely an appealing option nowadays


They dont have a plan when they are introducing new vertical content, the gap for a new player and the player at peak vertical content is getting larger and larger in KR version and our. The gold nerf and no gold cost up to 1445 cancel out each other.

The game in general is too grindy and too much daily/weekly content you have to do to stay relevant in this game. Chaos, guardian, weekly raid gold farm. All have to be reduced and give increased rewards. They also have to reduce honing costs/or increase chances to succeed in honing up to the start of latest raid tier. For example now honing chances should be increased up to 1490, then a few weeks after brel hard the honing chances should be increased up to 1540 etc

These are just some examples but they need to do something to make this version more attractive in west to stop the player bleeding.

It realy isn’t .

Is there something that’s gonna be in the roadmap that is gonna determine the future of the game? In what way?

Probably we will know when Aeromancer is coming, when elgacia is coming and maybe Akkan.

We already know what’s ahead of us, we just dont know exactly when.

What exactly do you expect the roadmap to say or adress ?

? You only mention classes, can u name some examples?

Also we have had many new players recently. How do you know the game is bleeding that many players? i never had any issues doing anything in this game population wise.

Steam chart numbers doesnt count. They have recently done stronger ban waves and the bot population overall has been reduced. So this is not a good metric to tell if the game is losing players etc.