The list of punished users should be published just like KR

For those unaware, when banwaves happen in KR they always publish the list of all the users banned underneath the reasons for the ban.

Would be nice to get this in our version too.

EX: 로스트아크

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while i agree with this for the most part, i don’t really want a list of all the bots that get banned eachtime they ban those.

agree on a list of all actual players that are banned for rmt or something to be named and shamed tho, tho it’s probably unlikely as i think most games when on western servers don’t end up doing this.

here is a compiled list:


Amazon isn’t going to do this, they already have a forum rule of not name to name and shame people even if you have video evidence of them cheating.

But innocent until AGS pass the final verdict. But once declared guilty, they might as well. Use them to set an example and burn them at the stake!

Umm but it won’t be as effective as in Korea. Their accounts are basically linked to their identity because of KSSN, so players have reason to try to stay in line.

Hmm I’m not sure on this. Publishing the number of accounts with breakdowns for reasons seems like it would provide suitable info for the community at large. Naming and shaming can get messy and potentially ruin the reputation of some legitimate players who can get caught up in a ban wave.

I know that is the significant minority of banned accounts, but once the damage is done to someone’s reputation, it’s very hard to walk it back.

I also don’t know what benefit it would be. If the accounts are banned and not allowed back in game, it seems that publicly shaming them is only to satisfy the voyeuristic needs of some forum users. It could also potentially lead to harassment with people dming those listed, doxxing or blasting them on social media. That could lead to legal complications for AGS.

Being banned and loosing your account seems punishment enough

I mean for one would like to see that the people botting that I reported got banned.