The Lost Ark Bard - A Questaholic Newbie Guide Video Series

Greetings, I wanted to contribute to the community a guide video that should help you get started if you are new to the game and the bard class. It has a lot of tips in it that will streamline your time in the game. If you are brand new to the game you should find this helpful. It is published at I will upload more videos as I edit my play through footage. Also keep in mind if you are an “uber leet competitive super gamer” :roll_eyes: then this video probably isn’t for you. I am a normal guy just trying to help and entertain. Here are some important points tips you can distill from the video, all my opinion of course.

  1. CHANGE YOUR ASPECT RATIO to 21 x 9 in video settings. You will get more visibility left and right and lose nothing vertically.

  2. TAKE YOUR TIME IN CHARACTER CREATION. You cannot change your appearance later.

  3. DON’T OPEN ANY BAGS OF COINS, CRYSTALS OR OTHER LOOT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND NOW. If you have a founder’s pack you will get all sorts of bags that will have crystals, coins and so on. These will all be super confusing at first. Some bags require you to chose an item. . You wont need them until post 50. In fact I would suggest storing them in the warehouse.

  4. DON’T BYPASS SIDE QUESTS! A lot of guides suggest bypassing side missions. I disagree. It may cut 1 or 2 hours off your leveling time to 50 but unless you are doing a race, for some reason, those 2 hours are irrelevant and you will miss a lot of important items and even some skill points. Most side missions are right with the main mission and doing them takes no effort.

  5. PUT AWAY THE SONG OF ESCAPE. It slows you down stupidly. Once you finish a dungeon don’t play the song of escape but rather teleport to the quest turn in. Look at your quests on the right and click on the diamond compass icon and it will zoom in on your turn in. The only exception is after you defeat the first dungeon, you have to run down a path to get out.

  6. COLLECT MOKOKO SEEDS, as many as you can, as you play. This link will come in handy:

  7. DON’T BYPASS THE PROLOGUE or other cut scenes if you haven’t played before. The stories are awesome and they make the rest of the game easier to understand.

  8. CHUG THOSE HEALTH POTIONS LIKE NO TOMORROW. Don’t spare the potion. Slam that F1 button constantly. If you play a non DPS class that will be even more important. Whenever you see a potion merchant trade in your old potions and buy a stack of 100 new ones if the merchant has upgrades. (ALT-SHIFT-RIGHT CLICK)

  9. DO NOT USE RECOVERY POTIONS. These will be on your toolbar at the bottom. However in certain dungeons later they are the ONLY thing you can use in that dungeon. Take it off your toolbar and put them away.

  10. WHENEVER YOU GET EQUIPMENT WITH THE BLUE UP ARROW PUT IT ON. Don’t worry about keeping or upgrading equipment to start. None of that will matter after you do your first chaos dungeon at 50. Just keep upgrading whenever you see an upgrade. Whenever you get a stat upgrade on jewelry for stats you use (like INT) then put those on.


Hey, all good tips and some I haven’t seen before. I’ll check out the video in the morning when I start playing again.


This doesn’t seem to be the case:

The bars mean nothing. Look at what you can see with and without the bars in the game. Dont move and you will see that you see more with them although the image appears to be vertically squished.

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Part 2 is now up!

And now I have added Part 3!

Just to put the issue to rest over 21x9, here are 2 images taken without moving the character, only changing the aspect ratio. The difference is clear, 21x9 is superior.

Added Part 4

Part 5 is now up. Youtube is processing HD version.