The Lyre of Love BUG (Welcome Challenge)

Hello i found a bug at step 19 of Collectibles tab named The Fomona Island Lady

As far a i know the quest The Lyre of Love is different if you play a male character or a female character. That’s maybe why only female characters got the Welcome Challenge and male characters don’t.

I completed this quest as a Berserker and i don’t have the Welcome Challenge reward, all my mates playing male characters do’nt got the rewards too.

Can you fix this please ?

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Same issue, please fix!


UP, same issue. I am berserker and i can not claim the reward (good reward). Prob it’s an issue about male chars @Roxx

UP , same issue please fix game stoped for me i want to upgrade my gear @Roxx

i guild mate just find a temporary fix, you can do the quest with a female alt give you the reward…

i have 6x devilhunter :smiley:

same bug


Same, any solution?

same bug cmon… Amazon