The mail "billing" feature makes me a little nervous

I always spam accept my mail, and I’ve only recently thought of worst case scenarios in my head, such as if a rogue troll puts a billing request for 100k gold, I may end up clicking without reading and loosing all my gold in an instant. I think there should be an option to just disable billing/accesory trades in general.


You have 100k gold? Please give me some, i’m broke.

Unless you are really into autopilot mode and clicking everything you should be fine, there’s an extra “Are you sure you want to pay X amount of gold” check when you accept billing.

Like the box appears in the middle of the screen.

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Not only that, but you also need to type the exact amount


You shouldn’t autoaccept any mail from another player.

Some gold sellers are sending message with ads for their sites to players and including little ‘gifts’. Probably don’t want to get caught on any system that records transactions with gold sellers.


If such a system were to be made one day …

I’m broke too :frowning:

reported for RMT


imagine trying to flex by pulling every single valuable item you saved and then unironically thinking 250k gold is a lot.

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I literally said I’m broke lol. I have only spent 200 dollars in the game. If i didnt push 5 alts to 1370 id probably have more gold tho :frowning:

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Yes, give me some. :rofl:, it would feel really good if you give me 50k gold right now. I would admit that you are a better player and your pp bigger than mine if you gave me 50k gold.

Here’s an easy solution to your anxiety:

Read your mail.

I had two…gifts in my mail at some point, one for 21k and one for 11k and I have sent that gold back, you should for sure read your email and dont take chances at bans/scamms.

Lol you utilize whales it’s good :joy:

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