The Market and AH are safe. You are being lied to by cheaters

If you sell anything on the Market or Auction House at Market value you will not get banned.

If you sell a literal garbage accessory for 50k you will get banned.

If you sell a skin (without any currently listed) for 300k above the average last 5 days sales price of 1000g you will get banned.

If you sell three level 1 gem for 1400g around the same timestamp you will not get banned.

If you sell 100 level 1 gems for 1400g around the same timestamp you will get banned.

If you take 10000 Leapstones out of your mailbox from someone you do not know you will be banned.

If you are a new player and list a earing for 100k which has all Recent Prices around 100g and it randomly sells. 99.99% of the time you are a cheater and should be banned or 0.001% you are the necessary collateral damage needed to ensure the market is fair.

Use your common sense everyone. Use the market, it is safe. Don’t RMT they can literally track every single transfer of gold in all forms. They are on it now. You will get caught. There is no safe method to transfer illegal gold.

Coming to the forums after your ban appeal is denied b/c a human looked into it and you were proven to be an RMTer just makes you look like a fool. No believes your lies. AGS is doing a good job.


Anyone else think that these bans are all legit and people are just causing a riot to make prices drop ?

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People have literally been perma banned for purchasing mounts that were from charge backed Vanquisher packs. So even if this is the case; I would not blame people for being cautious.


Ban hammer

“I don’t mean to point fingers or accuse folks in any way, and I am not referencing anyone in this thread in particular, but every one-off ban appeal vs RMT we have escalated for further investigation in the past two weeks has been a case of confirmed RMT, even with folks promising up and down they didn’t do it when they reached out – and it usually comes out shortly after that we confirm with the logs that they did in fact buy gold.”


Also @deeppockets was caught lying about an unfair ban for 2300 gold from bussing:

“but the situation was investigated and the cause for concern that “2300 gold received from a bus could get you suspended” is not something that occurred.”


As @Glumpo said, if you play the game normally, there is no reason to be afraid. Doing suspicious activity, will raise flags. Bussing and selling your own items are normal activities.

I remember them before the ban waves … most posts about bans where people asking for negative balance instead of perma ban (to counter it with official gold sales :grinning:)

I’m sad because the bans are not permanent. Few months bans = slap on the wrist.

Someone buys gold and gets away with it, spends it 3 weeks later and gets a ban for " no apparent reason". Probably forgot what he did a few weeks earlier.

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