The market place is broken and needs urgent fixing

Hi. I’m writing here about what i’m thinking is a massive problem for the future of this honestly really fun game. The price for most materials is dropping at an alarming rate. It’s massively devaluing the use of a lot of content like chaos dungeons as well as guardian raids and islands.

Currently we’re heading towards a point where the only real ways to get gold is doing abyssal dungeons and raids (on multiple characters), paying with real money and flipping the market. I’m not sure how viable the last option is gonna be either with the fact that playing the market relies on fluctuation of prices.
The game is currently strongly relying on people to frequently do abyssal dungeons otherwise they’re losing out big time and any other content is just fillers if you have more time.

I don’t have numbers to back this up either but in my experience of playing multiple mmos over many years: raid content is not something that’s attractive to casual players and thus a pretty niche content. It’s not a solution for the general player base and it will make people quit the game.

I suggest solving these issues with 1 of 2 ways:
Either devalue gold or increase it.

Devaluing gold would imply that you’d have to reduce the rewards for abyssal dungeons as well as the cost for honing

Increasing gold would imply adding more gold sources in general like island events but also more importantly adding fixed prices to materials. At the current rate most honing materials will drop to 1 gold. I’d suggest with this option that you’d add an actual value to them that you can get from a normal vendor like let’s say 5 gold for a t1 mat, 7 for t2 and 10 for t3 (rough example as the numbers would have to be adjusted for the drop rates of the mats [t3 drops a lot less than the other tiers]) and also potentially delete some items from the market place occasionally to keep materials from only being vendor material

If nothing is done i’m almost certain that the following will happen:
people who know how to make gold in this game will have more than they’ll ever need and when a new tier comes out they’ll be able to instantly finish all new content and thus they’ll quit the game because they effectively don’t have anything to work towards anymore.
people who don’t know how to make money will quit the game because everything feels like a massive struggle and they can’t really make any progress and they’ll start looking at the game as a complete p2w game.

You literally can’t flip the market. It’s like people are intentionally trying to kill it. Buy up all of one item, raise the price… and even when you purchase someone’s that was put up slightly less than yours such that the lowest price shows close to the new price you try to set… people will still put things up for like 7 gold. It’s ridiculous.

Then, all the sudden 500 of the item show up for a lower price.

Pretty sure majority of gold in KR is from doing legion raids n stuff

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the market place is not broken and does not need fixing

raid content is the MAIN content of the game, and the main source of gold generation

Yes and this will continue as more and more people hit T3 with more and more characters. This devaluation of materials is normal for this game.

Yep. This is how the game is designed and intended to be played. When people are emphasizing the creation of alt characters it is not so you can farm more honing materials. The reason people are emphasizing the creation of alts is so that you can have a steady income of gold and silver each week. Your weekly income is supposed to be from running content on multiple characters. Any gold you make via the auction house is simply a bonus.

Adding a fixed price to materials does not and will not work simply because honing materials will never be worth as much as whatever artificial price floor they choose to set. This can be seen in other regions where people actually sell honing materials for less than 1 gold each. The minimum listing price in the auction house is 1 gold so people accomplish this by advertising in area chat stuff like: “Selling 9999 destruction crystals for 500 gold”.

Duh. Nobody disputes this. That is how a “market” will work naturally. The key phrase here is alarming rate. And it is. People are literally intentionally killing the market. Putting things up for 10-20 gold less than the previous listing.

No, the opposite of this would achieve that goal. By lowering the gold supply you increase it’s value, not decrease.

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So… I have to invest even more time in this game on alts in order to get the currency I need to even further my progress in the game? No. That’s ludricious.

Not quite sure if I agree with how alarming it is. You can actually generate a lot of materials each day if you have alts and for a lot of people there is nothing to really use these materials on (not the majority but a lot of people). The only thing to really do is hoard materials or sell them basically. This is exacerbated by the two ongoing events we have that provide even more bound materials. Also not quite sure what server you are on but I haven’t really seen anyone list stuff for 10 or 20 gold less than the market price.

I mean if you don’t want to play alts then that’s on you I suppose. With one character you’ll still be able to get gold and silver but you really will be short on resources compared to everyone else so it will take longer for you to reach whatever item level everyone else is. Even if they were to add more gold or silver to islands etc you still would be comparatively behind because other people would just do what you’re doing but on multiple characters every day.

no YOU think it’s the main content of the game and idk how the lost ark team feels about this but in general it’s almost certainly a bad idea to not diversify your game at least a little bit so that various content is worth doing and not just one specific aspect because that’s how you’ll have a majority of people leaving your game in my experience every time.
that isn’t to say that raiding can’t be more rewarding than other content but there has to be somewhat of a balance.
on a different note the market seems to have stabilized a little bit but the price downwards trend is definitely still ongoing and likely won’t stop anytime soon from what i can see.

there’s an easy fix for that: don’t allow trading items with the mail and only allow sending gold. what you’re describing is bound to happen anyway atm.
the only two ways are restricting people to market place trading only or giving people enough incentives to not spam the chat by letting us sell items to vendors for gold for a fixed price.
i strongly disagree with your statement of fixed prices not working. it works in other mmos. why wouldn’t it work here?

here’s thing: i’ll be fine. it sounds like a lot of other people here are gonna be fine as well. you know who’s not gonna be fine? people who start this game in two months or maybe a bit longer and want to get into the game. at least not at this rate.

if you’re a new player and you’ll notice that everything is in such abundance that that nothing is sellable anymore and you see that the only real way to earn gold are time gated events and content that you can’t access because you simply don’t have the gear level. meanwhile a lot of older players will already be swimming in gold making it even harder for you to purchase things you might want like skins or pets and i can guarantee you that only few new players will keep playing at that point.

i don’t think these are healthy trends and there are things that can be done to let this game have a lot more staying power which i honestly hope it will have because i do think it’s overall a really fun game

  1. It’s the players fault. No one wants goods and everyone wants to sell. This is what happens when streamers control what people do and streamers tell players to sell and stop buying from market. It’s good advice, but if streamers gave terrible advice, the market would be the free gold printing machine that it was earlier lmao.

  2. It’s this way on KR, almost everything is worthless and everyone gets free ilvl until 1500s.

  3. Gold will devalue when Valtan and other raids come out because these things will actually provide gold. Nothing we currently have is valuable to run other than Oreha Abyss which is pretty weak TBH and that’s why we seem to have the worst of both worlds right now.

AH is fine. Welcome to korea except with less gold from raids…because why not?

Raid content is most certainly the main end-game content.

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That’s actually not at all why the economy was booming as much as it was - there was a massive influx of people waiting to start playing the game with the intention of swiping aggressively to finish T2 and progress in T3, this drove up demand for mats and injected hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold into the game economy and that is no longer happening at anywhere near the same rates.

Those gold/blue crystal conversion rates were astronomically higher than the economy can actually sustain, and were never going to stay that high.

I want to make it clear just so you are aware, and this isn’t to “spook” you, all of tier 3 from Valtan to Abrelshud and further beyond, the main source of progression is legion raids. If you don’t do legion raids, you basically are not even playing the main game as devs intend. I know this will be something that people have not yet encountered or reconciled with themselves yet and will probably drive some, “I didn’t know the game is like this” people out of the game.

The whole focus once T3 finally kicks off is legion raids, and raids in general, and their gold generation. Even I do not know how I will feel about this once everything “gets in gear”, because of how motivated I may be to find a static. We are still in the early stages of the game, so “what the game is”, identity wise, is still foreign to some people. I feel a lot of people are already coming across this when they are finally able to do Argos, which is pretty tame in comparison, and encountering party finder woes.

Right now, the game itself is in a, “prepare for Valtan phase”, the main focus and main statistics that the devs are looking at is, “when can we release Valtan for the main playerbase?”, this will continue on with the next legion raid as well… and basically everything else is just meant to be some supplement to get us to that point.

This also means that we are supposed to get static gold by doing the raids to buy materials, so if they go to 1, then that’s even better, 1000 static gold can buy 1000 materials at 1 gold, if they’re at 2 gold, then 500 materials. So the lower the materials go, the better.

Do you think the market place was working better when the legendary engraving books were 30k+ per piece then?

The economy is perfectly fine as is.

i definitely don’t. that was hyperinflation. now we’re heading towards hyper deflation. neither of these two extremes are healthy as far as i’m concerned