The missing content to get to 1370 is intentionally missing

The missing content as pointed out by others to help players get from 1340-1370 is intentionally missing.

Smile gate knew this would be the weakest point ahead of time and, instead of adding content that would help you get out of this dead zone, have essentially created an artificial pay wall that caters to whales. Theres no other explanation other than greed. If it wasn’t about greed, we would have received a carbon copy of the current KR version of the game. Instead we get character bound materials and less content all designed to get the player to pull out the credit card.

Its just plain shameful.


Dunno what you are talking about I have not had this problem and only thing I bought in this game was a bronze founder pack in the beggining.

I’m tired of the folks telling us the content will always be there. With the current falling steam player numbers and number of bots inflating the numbers, the game is dying as we speak. Drastic changes need to be done on the rollout, or this game will flop.


Here you go.

What is this ? I will not read this dont waste my time. I can read a lot of complanings about honing system, p2W etc but I dont agree with this. Only things what make me angry are bots and time gated content.

It’s a link to another forum post talking about all the missing content we don’t have because smile gate decided to cater to the whales.

Don’t waste your time? Don’t comment then if you don’t want people to smack you with the truth lol.


And thats why you cry in this forum ? You will not get any content update till April so stay calm.

At this point I want to say smilegate looks at na/eu as a quick cash grab.

I hit a nerve. Feel free to exit with your opinion:)

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But thats true they have their roadmap, maybe they will share it with us maybe wont, but writing 10 times on forum same things give you nothing.

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This is my first post about the situation. Either your looking at something different or are just being ignorant. Either way, I’m not going to argue about it with you and “ waste your time”

Feel free to exit:)

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So you discuss only with people who share ur opinion ? That is cush.

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Funny thing is how bots are actually helping the game right now.

Over the past 4 days guardian/destruction T3 crystal prices halved on EUC servers, making it possible for at least some people to get 1370 easier if they hoarded gold over the past few eeks.

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You’re an individual that will take his own experience and expect everyone else to have the same. This is proven by your very first comment to this post.

OP posted a list of content for materials missing in the west, and your response was “I don’t agree with people whining don’t waste my time”.

You clearly have 0 intention of speaking with someone who doesn’t share your own thoughts either. Please reflect on yourself.


Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you.

The roadblock is very likely intentional. And if the data proves that people spend more money than without this roadblock, then it will stay in for quite some time as long as the cashflow is bigger than what is lost by players churning. The forum outrage doesn’t really matter. The bottom line does.

It is just smart, albeit shortsighted, business by them and if people are smart enough to see it, then they can make a choice based off that knowledge. Either pay up, live with not being competitive or opt out. There is no “right to better honing chances” or anything to alleviate the pain. There is no “right to play this game for free with 100% of the benefits of a paying customer”. If you play the game for free your only worth as a player comes from organically getting friends into it which in turn potentially become paying players. But organic reach is dwindling post-launch anyway so it all comes down to marketing-generated players and those often don’t even check the forums here regarding complaints.

You can share your concerns, but the only people really affected are those getting emotionally riled up enough to complain with big and angry words. There is even a good chance that behind the scenes some A/B tests are running screwing with honing chances to see how much abuse players can take before they either invest or churn. Free2Play games almost always adjust to the highest amount of pain players can endure so they pay up. These games are not created to bring the most joy to players. Everything is about monetization. And with the people in charge rarely being gamers themselves, the decisions come from analytics, not some weird concept of “fun” they don’t understand.

The only option to avoid that is to try and go indie where you then often have to wait months for minor updates, because a handful of developers can’t deliver as much as a company with hundreds of them. A sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

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This isn’t my opinion. It’s a fact that the content is missing. It’s been stated by Korean players. The dead zone from 1340-1370 also isn’t my opinion, it’s fact, also stated by Korean players. the missing content that helps players get out of the dead zone isn’t my opinion, it’s fact, that’s also been stated by Korean players.

I’m stating my opinion on wether smilegate intentionally left it out intentionally or not, which I think they did.

Either you misread what my post is about or you don’t like what you’re hearing.

Yea maybe I reacted in wrong way I apologize, But what is ur purpose ? You think creating next same topic will change anything? Next update will be in April we will see what they will add/change moreover I have not felt your roadblock to 1370 … I have now around 1355 and imo I will get to 1370 until end of this week.

Just wait till you see the honing rates lol.

I’m at 1350 too man. I’m not worried about a grind, but I won’t get there in a week and neither will you unless we both drop real life money for gold.

We are missing out on 60k worth of mats a week and 10-15k gold a day if we sell those mats compared to our RU and KR players.

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