The most annoying thing about lost ark - gold farm status

so i have a fair amount of hours spent into the game, my main is 1390+, i have other 5 chars at tier 3 sitting at range between 1325 to 1350 for a total of 6 chars at tier 3.

not that what i just said add any value to the discussion but just to show where i come from. i think im on like 700 hours of gameplay.

The only annoying thing i have on lost ark is the fact that there isnt anything reasonably farmable if you have time. Its either immensely time consuming for a very small gain (which is counter productive) or nothing.

Since the market crashed the whole update they have made just created a system where people who bought gold and geared up and beat content became more rich and are sitting on gold, where the market now is super cheap. So they can basically own the market and not suffer.

if you want to make money and you are not between these players who mostly cheated by buying from RMT you are a bit screwed.

hence why i think its a good idea to add some form of gold farming that is quite reliable where people can spend time. Cant be that you just need to sell materials to get gold.
Book engravings droprate is ridicolously low and the only book that are good in money are ultra rare.

one option to me that might fix this situation is to add some gold form on infinite chaos dungeon. like add cube and hall of heroes tickets drop from infinite chaos instead of just only the one with aura.

What i think is that the market was completely crushed while nothing was made to help what was left after. It is really frustrating at the moment when you want to farm and save some gold to buy accessories or books.


What do you think makes something worth?
Just by existing? Or actually being worth to buy with gold, because the alternative would be to pay with a different ressource - like real money (cash shop) or with time or other kinds of investment.

You cannot demand something easily farmable be worth, because everyone else would and it wouldnt be worth again. Try Adventure Tome mats farming.

I just made a post about this, you’re right about nothing being grindable

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i havent said i want something easily farmable, just not immensely time consuming and counter productive and unfun, this is where we are at.

want to farm wild flower? good luck. you better log out, that isnt fun.
fighting in this game is fun, so might be nice to add something on infinite dungeons, that you can sell and get gold from.

Or something that increases the chances for you to get books or silver or gems that you can sell. like cube and hall of heroes tickets. At the moment there is absolutely NOTHING farmable in a reasonable amount of time without falling into total madness.

100 wildflower goes for 30 gold. i mean…

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It’s technically in the game but they made Endless Chaos farming so miserable in Tier 3 that is not worth the time with the stupid shop demanding more currencies every time you buy something.

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