The nerfs are too much, some suggestions

Look, we understand that the game is a lot more popular than you guys expected and you need to cater to casual players but I would like to remind you that killed WoW to a large extent.

I also understand you guys looked at statistics. However, you failed to recognize that a big % of the failure was a result of “Find party” being unusable due to the server issues. This left people using Matchmaking with less than ideal groups. I have so far not failed a single raid or guardian using Party Finder instead of Matchmaking.

Instead of nerfing content make tutorials on the boss fights & remove match making from the harder content! Teach players to use party finder & about engravings.

Please consider adding a 2nd and respectively 3rd ( where applicable & excluding equalized mythic) difficulty for everything you have nerfed and plan to nerf that gives more mats.

For example, for daily guardians - Normal / Hard

For Abyss dungs - Normal / Hard / Mythic and make equalized content Hell or something instead of using Mythic. Hard difficult will be the normal pre-nerf.

Also, I want to ask, why wasn’t a different version of the Mokoko buff considered instead of flat out removing Wipe Mechanics?

We also need to know, when Heroic Guardians & Abyss dungs come out are they going to be with these nerfed mechanics?

PS: I want to point out you can be a casual player and still do the original mechanics. For most parts I play 2 hours a day maximum and I still want to do Legion raids on original difficulty and I have done them on Hard mode (excluding Abrelshud) on Russia.


how can u tell when you havent even tryed it?

The new difficulty ? It is obvious based on the patch notes. The nerfs are massive.

Yes, it’s sad, now each fight will just feel like a kicking a disabled creature, it’s easy enough, no need to kill that content, we still need to grind it, at least make it interesting.


what “killed” WoW wasn’t the easier content, it was actually a combination of a couple of things and writing “to a large extent” having normal/hard/mythic content killed wow but in the next comment saying they should consider implementing the same system is a bit well funny.

What you actually wrote in your comment sounds very much like WoW. We do already have WoW as a game I believe.

Anywho, easier content won’t kill anything. Lack of harder content will, and I do not see AGS or SG are trying to make this game into the first 20 levels of Tetris. Can you ppl not overreact? Try the game after patch and if the t3 is too easy come here and tell everyone “I told you so!” and ask for harder content.

You mean returning to original state of the game?
Returning to the state before ppl on forums cryed for buff before they knew T3 will be at release?

Thank you amazon for the UNBUFF of GR. Pls dont revert it.

I assume you are new to the game. There is Normal, Hard, Mythic and Hell modes on a lot of these fights on Korea and Russia for nearly one year and it has been well received. The only thing that doesn’t have that type of difficulty adjustment is Daily Guardian Raids.

The original buff was to hp, not to damage done and removed mechanics, read the patch notes, only the fox got it’s hp reduced, the original “buff” is still up.

link them pls

No, I mean removing wipe mechanics.

Reduced damage from attacks, removed mechanics.
Original “buff” was just more hp to some bosses, that is still there.

not guardian also eu/us game dont have it… i know what u mean and honestly this game had enough problem with nothing to do in t1 and t2 nov they make it even easyer… i gues its time to start doing colections couse after u do all daily we dont have what to do except colections xD

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yeah i wanned the patch notes that buffed them

There is already “tutorial” on every guardian boss in the game but the game doesnt tell you about it and its tedious.

there is a huge questchain starting on the first guardian island with NPC explaining you the weak points of a guardian and giving you a quest to kill it. ( then you have to go to the next island and so on )

maybe the should make this questchain mandatory to be able to enter the raid.

AGS is not reading any of this. they just check their statistics and incoming money. why bother giving them feedback anymore? they nerf it anyway

Yes, but people tend to just press “G” on that chain. In addition, I feel like the Codex isn’t well explained. How many people do you reckon even know about the available information in the Codex?

That is what my fear is. Obviously, they are in this to make money, but we know that Gold River does actually read forums and cares about player feedback! He has proven that many times.