The New Class Release Cadence was likely set by Smilegate, not AGS

You are all directing your anger at the wrong people.

We all know in March that AGS was saying that they wanted to release classes once per month to get the US/EU client caught up on classes. They followed up and made good on their word as well - releasing Glavier in April and Destroyer in May.

What happened in between that time period? AGS staff traveled to Korea and met with Smilegate. All of a sudden, its one class every two months? Smilegate probably told AGS that they need to spread out the class releases in order to fill up the months that they are not dropping new forward progression content.

If you have beef, it’s likely with Gold River, not with Roxx.


I honestly don’t understand why people want to blame AGS and not Smilegate for the direction the game has gone on classes. It’s not like AGS can release classes unilaterally.

No, they weren’t. Amazon has never said this, ever. They said: “We know people want classes and skins faster, but this is hard because [reasons mostly relating to skins]” and “we’re already releasing content faster than in Korea and will continue to do so”.

People saw two back-to-back class releases, took that to mean that Amazon had decided to release a class every month, and are now angry when the official cadence is clarified.

As for who’s at fault, I don’t think anyone is blameless here. The most likely scenario is that they agreed on this release cadence together.


The problem is that AGS is our middle man and speaker for us to SG. How are we supposed to contact and communicate with SG?

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It’s AGS for sure, they sound too confident for it to be only SG decision.

They’d be more confident if they were doing what Smilegate wanted.

Exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Smilegate is using AGS as a shield to protect their own reputation.

Because they are the ones who pass on our feedback to SG, if they don’t, what are they for?

Tbh the ppl who are at fault is the player base. As soon as they saw back to back char releases the mass assumed they would continue to do 1 char per month. So really it’s the player base for assuming things would be the same and now they’re made that they were wrong.

I’m perfectly fine with 1 class per 2 months, they are still releasing content faster than any other regions. People just want to find something new to complain about and a company will never find a solution to resolve their anger.


Because you are literally shooting the messenger. Get mad at the people pulling the strings, not the middleman.

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I mean, I think a strict once-per-two-months schedule is a mistake too, even if I thought once every month was way too idealistic.

However, it’s possible for both amazon/smilegate to make a mistake and for players to be wrong.

People on this forum are not reasonable and well adjusted adult human beings dude…
stop trying to reason with them.

You cant reason a person out of a position they didnt reason themselves into…


Sorry but it doesn’t work that way, they are the ones who have the power to negotiate.

Negotiate what? AGS is the publisher, Smilegate owns the game. AGS can’t do anything without SG approval. You really think that if AGS wanted to release all classes tomorrow, that they could? Of course they couldn’t.

Gold River is directing AGS to do what he wants. Gold River wants 1 class ever 2 months.


It is just the same practice they use in their Mobile-Games.

They drip-feed the characters/classes to present them as content every know and then!

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Ur one of those guys kek

Ags has All classes in the Client they could even now patch all in

Ags going to Sg (btw sg doesn’t publish any region all decisions are on publisher stove did listen to sg ags mygames dont so see how they die, sg gives up 17% revenue but ags just wants money its clear as daywho makes this dumb decisions)

Ags gives decisions to sg so they deliver them no other way ofc sg can say stuff but publisher actually has to listen

Example mygames and jp publisher never listened and now ded

Kakao games never listened,boom pearl abyss took over.

Dev has no big rights besides the copyright which also by publisher contract is basically given to them for x amount of income

But like ags said WE WANT OUR VERSION not kr ofc its their decision why would sg kill their game kekw

Dont like AGS or Smilegate!

Right now I got beef with you OP cash me outside how bout dat?

It’s most likely AGS. There was no reason not to release all classes at the start, all this comes down to is greed. They want to give you just enough to get you to play, and by time the class you want is out making you feel forced to spend tons and tons of money to catch it up so it’s actually playable. Now think about the situation here, AGS can do have whatever they want in the game, while telling everyone they have no say. So when you complain, they can give the illusion of caring and just saying they will bring the information it to Smilegate. Allows them to do whatever they want while taking no responsibility.

Same thing with skins, they release some crappy skins hoping you will buy them so you don’t have to see the ugly gear, waiting for something good and then buying the skin you actually want when available. Oh but they were quick to skins through a loot box though, so atleast now you have the option to spend hundreds of dollars for a single skin.

  1. their plan from the start was 1 class every 3 months.
  2. they said they want to introduce 1 “advanced class” every 2 months. this can be questionable as they arent talking about actual classes.
  3. this game is based on using alts to farm and run dungeons.

i blame roxx for not paying attention to any of my posts ever regarding changes that could be done to prevent bots, to prevent people leaving, and more.
i also blame the shadow guy for doing the same thing.
they arent looking out for their community at all, and this bothers me… its also why ive spoken to AGS about it, because if this is going to go down in the long run… then they are basically fucking up the game for the players… the CM`s are the players way into being heard by the game devs, and as a promoter myself i feel like i cant promote these guys at all.
though AGS has been really nice in way of helping through customer support, setting up dev tickets to get a direct contact through with the devs… however Smilegate on the other hand has been terrible at communicating.