The new mobile 2FA authentication to obtain Trusted won't do much

It will help a good amount.

Majority of the RMT that is done, it’s done via mailing the gold.

This will create a hindrance for that part atleast.

It’s way easier to create algorithms to understand suspicous transaction which can monitor the entire AH as compared to doing the AH and player to player mails as well.
If anything, this could help reduce their work a decent amount.

Let’s take baby steps and eventually we will get there.

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Not what it is. It used to be that if you ever spent money on steam (30+ days or more ago) you were trusted.

Now if you spent money on LA at all, you are trusted, but if you only spent money on steam you have to 2fa.

People who have not spent money are still not trusted.

That’s fair.

I still think we need a barrier for bots accessing the AH though.

This is primarily to combat fraud; it will have some additional benefits against botting and cheating, but the main purpose of this particular change is fraudulent transaction prevention which also leads to a slew of issues.


What kind of fraudulent transactions? Like with stolen credit cards?

I didn’t know that was a significant issue :open_mouth:

Not so much the credit cards as the entire Steam account can get stolen, and there might be saved credit card info within the account.

So ppl need to use their phone number to acces the trusted status while those botters can buy phone numbers in bulk?

A better solution would be when you start the game just click 3 traffic signs and press “i am not a robot”.
It doesnt really matter what solution you try to think of the botters will find a way into the game.

And even this wont stop botters from botting though. It doesnt come down to 1 solution you have to do alot more then just implement 1 or 2 things to stop botting. You also need to activly monitor the game itself ingame. And even this wont stop botting.

How to check if you are trusted in Lost Ark ?

This isn’t meant to fight bots.

Isn’t it possible to restrict non trusted users from selling on the market? This would literaly kill the botting scene.


It won’t change anything.
Bots are already using non trusted accounts. They transfer gold via market to their mule accounts, that are trusted, then they mail it to buyers.
What is sad that making non trusted account being unable to list items on the market would pretty much kill the botting scene. No idea why SG/AGS won’t add this.
And now when you can get trusted without spending money on the game it won’t hinder legit players at all, since everyone can get a mobile authenticator using emulators if they don’t own a smartphone.

trying is better than not, even if it doesn’t help

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so im getting punished for the “stupidness” of ppl who put their password and username in non trusted websites outside of steam.
No that wont fly with me. If i am getting punished by downloading an app or put in my phone number for a 2FA authentication the game would be dead before you could spell authentication.
Nor would older players return to the game if they find out they have to implement all those things to play the game.

If you are stupid enough to put your username and password on random websites you just beg to lose your account. An authenticator wont change this at all there is no cure for “stupidness”
even with years and years and YEARS of warning to not put your username and PW on non trusted sites, open emails and such.
Those “hackers” prey on the “stupidness/Unawareness” of ppl and this has always been the case and this wont change either. The only way they “learn” is getting hacked so they wont make that mistake again. It doesnt matter how many times you tell ppl or how many years of warnings we get. Ppl dont learn untill something bad happens to THEM.

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As someone who has worked in IT and Technical Support most of my life, let me be the first to say I hope your team is prepared for the extreme amount of support tickets this will generate.

2FA is by far the #1 call driver I have to fix for my business clients who seem to find new and exciting ways to break it every day.

It’s smart you are planning to roll this out slowly.

They are asking to use the steam 2fa, which has been live and working since years and years.

Hey Roxx, is posting an item to the market part of the list of ‘Trusted’ features? If it is not, then why ?

Right now its my understand that a large portion of bot gold transfers through the Market via overpriced (100k’s of gold on a t1 necklace for example) to circumvent security measures in place. If this is not included under this ‘Trusted’ umbrella could you share the team’s thoughts about this?

Edit: after seeing another post I realize this system is focused on Fraud prevention and not bots, but I guess the question kind of remains. This seems like a low hanging fruit, a slam dunk, two-birds w/ one-stone etc.

PS. Thanks for all you do for the community!

  • Initiating player-to-player trades (requests can still be received)
  • Sending in-game gifts
  • Exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold
  • Sending in-game mail with attachments

From March 24th update unless they updated the list at some point.

P.S. Roxx said in another post that the list hasn’t changed.

I feel this is more targeted at giga whales who get banned. Ppl who RMT with 3rd party bots and via Steam, get caught and then banned, and then do full charge backs.
It feels that this is AGS way of getting more leverage to pushback the chargebacks from banned players. A way of saying “You know full well what you were doing, this chargeback isn’t being done in good faith, and we get to keep your money.”

Im not the one to blame here. But its good to be heard.

(not sure tho) :rofl:

Use STEAM GUARD as a 2FA when selecting region/server - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

Like I said in another post if they REALLY want to combat bots I personally think they should add Market restrictions to the features list as well as change the mail part to can’t sent ANY mail since bots don’t need attachments to spam you their websites.

“Player-to-player trades” does absolutely nothing against botting since 99% if not all 100% of it happens on the Market/Auction House. Also “player-to-player” is only server wide (pretty sure) while Market/Auction House is REGION wide.

Maybe after 4 months of writing mails and contacting AG support, aswell as Steam support, I’ll be able to send ability stones from my main to my alts with my 10 years old steam account without any VAC and tons of bought games BUT I’m still not ‘Trusted’…