The new region hasn't brought any improvement to queues at all

Now even at 13:00-14:00 the queue is between 8-13k players. Dungeons are still a buggy and non funtioning mess. The marketplace is still not working 90% of the time. Diamonds and the Aura still keeps dissapearing. Thank you :slight_smile:

The reason is simple:

If you bought a Starter and or Launch-Pack and got Twitch-Drops, you won’t get it there if you already used it on EUC and switch to EUW. And that’s why people refuse to switch.

If they make it you could claim it on EUW too (they lose nothing cause total different region) - the problem would solve itself.

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I am aware of that.

Yea who could have guessed people not willing to abandon their progress + paid stuff + friends over 500k silver and some pots.


The EU-West region gives you a choice to play without issues. Unfortunately you choose to make issues worse for EU-Central by playing there. And because many players choose the second choice it is what it is.

Ofc not , youre stil in eu cent.

I make issues worse playing eu central since the 3 days pre start? Alright.

No. You are part of it since the moment the issues started. Everybody in EU-Central is. This isn’t some evil Amazon plan to give players bad experience. If half the people stopped playing the issues would be gone. Now we have to either be patient and wait for the population to decline in few weeks, or move to EU-West where are no issues while making the EU-Central problems smaller for others.

Yeah man, how dare you stay on a server where you have invested your time and energy?! How selfish of you. You should be thanking amazon for their legedary incompetence by starting over on a new server. You can always catch up by spending money on gold and crystals.

Shills on here are unbelievable. Stick to stacking your amazon warehouse shelves.

so you are basically asking everybody quit so you can play without issues ? What a beautiful human being you are :slightly_smiling_face:

Ignore them. There are a few bootlickers around this evening. Mainly that one and Alejka. They post the same shit in every thread.
Yeah we get it, you two have no regard for your own time or money, but some of us (most of us) do. There is a thing called work, which we have to do, so we don’t have that much time on our hands.


I am saying that complaining is useless because the issue is selfharm. There are too many people, until there are less people issues stay. The options are - move, wait, quit. Personally I play an alt in EU-West until the situation gets better.

If Amazon had balls, they would have wiped all the EU servers before the EU-West got opened. That would have balanced the player population and removed the issues. Unfortunately that was not the case so we can keep the progression at cost of server issues and queues.