The new Roadmap shows AGS's willingness to backtrack on their words for money

Before we start, I’d like to say that Roxx and Community Managers aren’t at fault and they are doing a wonderful job with what they are given.

That said, AGS backtracks on its “1 class per month” cadence and turn it into “1 class every 2 months for the rest of 2022” and this is a big mistake.

“We know some players are eager to max out their roster and want them even faster, but Class releases build excitement and bring new (and returning) players into Arkesia. Having a steady flow of content releases that include Advanced Classes during Lost Ark’s first year in the West will help support the long-term health of the game.” This is a statement from the newest Roadmap. What it tells me is that AGS is disregarding every single existing players that are still waiting for their main to be released and just wants to create hypes to reel in new players. I get that this is a “business strategy” but there’s a huge difference between getting excited for a BRAND NEW class and having to wait for an EXISTING class that to be re-released (e.g Summoner was there in the beta but was swapped out before release and still nowhere to be found).

This is such a bad strategy because they are alienating their existing players (and ultimately making them quit) for the sake of attracting new players. They could just release all classes as fast as possible and they will get all that new players anyway and still retain all those existing players. But judging from their words “bring new (and returning) players”, they probably already expect people to quit out of frustration and they hope they can make those players come back when their mains are out? This is just… disappointing…


Not even going to attract new players without honing buffs since they will never be able to catch up to current content.


They completely disregarded community sentiment/feedback. Actually done with this game.

it’s not even about the money, it’s just a bad decision all around, unless they think that the people who come back for new classes>people that quit over 2 month a class, which i think for a western audience they are hugely mistaken.

Now a lot of people knows how it feels to get screw’d over by bad decisions. First VPN Ban bad decision. Now 1 class per 2 months and loot boxes which they say they arent pressuring people into buying. Now that there are skins people wish to get and it becomes a gambling fest. Hope now people wake up and not think that it isnt a bad decision. when in reality a lot of SG/AGS decisions are pretty bad.

For real, the VPN ban really crippled people from Australia like me who can legally play the game but doesn’t next to nothing to impede the bots. To AGS’s credit, Glaivier and Destroyer updates were actually good and it seemed like they were going in the right direction.

But now, this roadmap. It’s just bad decisions one after another: walking back on their promise of accelerated class release cadence, release RNG lootbox skins. I’m seriously worried because all of our previous feedbacks just seemed fall on deaf ears :face_exhaling:

Funny thing is this happened right after gold river retired lol.

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